National Hero, Minotaur – 6th and 7th April 1979 The Carlisle


photo from Jenny Hervey-Moon via Terry Pack – National Hero Paul Kendrick & Terry Pack


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Terry Pack…  Paul Kendrick & Terry Pack. It was a pop harmony band: a guitar, bass, keys and drums quartet with three voices, doing 50s, 60s and 70s material. I enjoyed it. The drummer you can just make out was Paul ‘Bunny’ Freeman.  Out of shot is Tony Bird.

Mick O’Dowd… Am thinking maybe National Hero or Easy Street?

Terry Pack… That’s right. National Hero. We played night clubs, holiday camps, British Legions and Working Men’s’ Clubs, in the days when there were lots of those gigs, and well paid.

Mick O’Dowd… Thought it might be them as I promoted them at The Carlisle around this time Terry.

Phil Thornton… I have no memory of playing at the Carlisle with Minotaur !!! – did this happen ? was anybody there ?

Mick O’Dowd… Yes it did happen as I put it on. Not full but I made a modest profit on the night Phil.

David Miller… I was there, your Mum and Kaye were there, John Wilde even showed up…. David McKnight, Marc Reynolds and Glen too. Upstairs, wunnit…! I remember that night (April 7th) as a member of Minotaur, I lost my voice but met John Wilde for the first time. One scene was coming to an end and a new one was bubbling up and getting ready to manifest.

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember seeing Loggerhead upstairs at the Carlisle. Prog stuff if I recall. Labrath Roadshow. Great rock music disco

Mick O’Dowd… Any idea where Steve & His Brother are now Tim?

Tim Moose Bruce… I never knew them . I just saw the band that night upstairs in the carlisle. Think the main band that night was Footlose or Slack Alice as they were latterly known when they changed the band name. Harry Randall may remember that night.

Mick O’Dowd… I used Labrath regularly as Steve was very reliable. I would love to know what became of him.


Andy Caine – Jim Jim & The Jims rehearsal & Crypt gig 1979


photo by Pete Prescott

Peter James Shaw…Looks like a Jim Jims rehearsal….! My sparse rehearsal kit!

Terry Pack….Upstairs at Ray’s?

Pete Prescott….  I took this. Andy played on two songs of written. He played great. This was at Andy Qunta’ s house.

Martyn Baker… Monsieur A. Cunningham. Pretty much the best singer/guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Janine Anne Scott… Happy Days xx. We used to strum along at Duncan Dray’s house xx


Reservoir Cats – Hastings Beach Concert 2004

img253 rc 3 rc 5

rc 7 rc11

rc 2  rc 9 rc 6

© Eddie Hazell Estate . 

Phil Gill guitar, Pete Prescott vocals, Terry Pack guitar, Pete Shaw drums, Jo Brooks keyboards.

Pete Shaw… I’ve still got those shorts, that top and the kit! I must have cleaned it as the gold snare hoops don’t have any lager stains or crisp leftovers……

Alan Esdaile… are these the famous shorts from ‘Harry R & The Jump Jets’?

Pete Shaw… An updated pair carefully tailored for the fuller man….!

Pete Prescott… hot day as i recall !

Pete Prescott (commenting on Jo Brooks) that is one serious shirt !(good coming from me ha ha !) lovely fella.

Reservoir Cats – When We Were Young CD – 2001

img791 img792 img793

img794 img797 img798

supplied by Pete Prescott


supplied by Rod Smith

featuring Terry Pack, Phil Hudson, Rick Pentecost, Pete Prescott and Pete Shaw

Leigh Wieland Boys… Good pic Peter – which black & white photo is of you?

Pete Shaw… Have a guess….!!

Leigh Wieland Boys…  ….hmmmm, now let me see, eeny meeny miney mow……just going to scrutinise them ….Ok, think it is the fifth one?

Pete Prescott… Don’t tell him pike ! They have to guess ! A lot of people point to your photo when they look for me !

Pete Shaw… Haha Pete…! So many people had difficulty getting it right! Come on Leigh Not no 5…! 4 to go….

Leigh Wieland Boys… Should have known…sitting in the car, you’ve always had a thing about toy cars!

Pete Shaw…  🙁 + 🚘 = happy 6 year old in my favourite pedal car…had it years and swooped it for a pedal bike! Photo taken in the rear garden of our house in Shelley Crescent in Hounslow

Phil Gill… This was one of two CDs in 2001 that I made absolutely no contribution to whatsoever, but still got a mention in the liner notes.

Pete Prescott… You were a kitten I guess you played with us on gigs Phil Hudson couldn’t play on. I find it hard listening to this album. We had used or time up at the studio. I had to go in with a voice weakened by gigs and had literally a couple of hours one afternoon to do all the vocals. I just sang it thru from track one till the end. I didn’t have time to repair parts that were really bad. As I went through it my voice was getting weaker. I can hear it getting worse. But the playing is great. Phil Hudson played some stunning guitar ! Great sales job on the album ha ha !
I bet the few people that have it are digging it out to check how bad the vocals are !

Alan Esdaile… you still did a great version of Burlesque Pete

Lies – The Chatsworth Hotel 1980

1. JAN 13th 1980 - LIES 13. 27th jan 1980 lies

16. 2nd march 1980 lies

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Some familiar names from March 2nd, 1980. Pete Prescott , Kevin Hoad, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack Tony Bird .

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Terry Pack… I remember those Sunday gigs. I enjoyed that band.

Robert Searle… I wished i had seen that band

Pete Prescott… We didn’t gig that much. I remember doing Stevie Wonder ‘ s loves in need of love today. A few Chatsworth gigs and it was done.

Peter Millington… I was there, great band and venue

Terry Pack… Sunday lunchtimes. Kevin used to joke that nobody would come to the gigs because people would think it was all lies.

Tim Anderson… And the support act….Post Truth.

Phil Gill… They later changed their name to Alternative Facts.

Sarah Harvey… Peter Prescott !!! How posh ☺

Mick O’Dowd… That’s alot of Lies!

Johnny Mars Band – Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 2nd Feb 1982 and Terry Pack’s memories of touring.


supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Shaw… Peter “Shore”….Just because I live by the sea….!

Phil  Thornton….another great band !!

Yvonne Cleland….I seem to remember Johnny Mars playing a lot in Cherries too.

Pete Shaw….Great gigs at Mr Cherries…packed house, Chris Cozens on keys and sometimes trumpet, Ray Fenwick, Terry the Pack, Johnny and moi on drums…we enjoyed it and had a blast…usually it was during a “South Coast “weekend…Six Bells Chiddingly, Mr Cherries and back to Chiddingly Sunday……!!

Promotional video from 2012

Pete Prescott… I remember singing a song of his on the forcefield album called “fire in the city” he used a word in the song that doesnt exist (hellness) it still made sense.great player.nice guy.built like a brick s*@t house !

Terry Pack… Johnny has a talent for inventing new words! We recorded several different versions of Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’ (album, TV, radio, etc) and he never sang the same thing twice in one of the verses. I once asked him what he was singing, and in typical Johnny Mars style, he said, ‘I don’t know. I listened to Sonny Boy a hundred times, and I still don’t know what the hell(ness) he was singing!”

Pete Prescott… Johnny was very exciting as a performer. Great on stage..

Terry Pack… At one stage in the 80s, we had three London residencies: Tuesdays at Putney, Wednesdays in the West End and Thursdays in Islington, and spent most weekends in Holland, Belgium or Germany. In the days before the Euro, Johnny always had the wrong currency because he never knew where we were. Johnny once bought a bag for his wife in a store in Barcelona. He was unsure of the exchange rate, and asked me how much the bag had cost, thinking that it had been about £14. It was more like £140. His response was classic John: “Mmm… I hope she likes it!”  John wasn’t the only American struggling with exchange rates. On the same Spanish trip, we found ourselves staying at the same hotel with James Brown and his band. Over a breakfast that consisted mostly of cigarettes and brandy (!), one of the band offered to buy more cigarettes and disappeared for a few minutes to do so. He came back with 5 packs of 20 packets of 20! ‘Man, you bought a lot of cigarettes!’ ‘They’re cheap!’ ‘How much?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘If you don’t know how much, how do you know they were cheap?’ A moment of thought… ‘Well, they seemed cheap!’ On another occasion, we spent a week touring with a very fine singer called Larry Johnson. I asked him where he lived. ‘London.’, he said. ‘Where?’ ‘Lancaster Road.’ ‘Where’s that?’ He seemed surprised by my question. ‘London,’ he repeated. ‘Which part?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Well. Is it north or south of the river?’ He looked really puzzled, ‘River?’ ‘Yes. There’s a river. Quite a big one…’ At this, he handed me a laminated card with his address printed on it. ‘I just show this to the cab drivers.’ ‘Have you only moved here recently?’ ‘No, I’ve been here for ten years.’

Martyn Baker… Some great stories Terry!

Terry Pack…American musicians with little or no idea where they were. We used to meet them all the time. Another good one was an Anglo-Dutch driver we had on one jaunt. We were booked on a festival, and had to cross a dyke by chain ferry. We could hear the festival but couldn’t see the best way of getting to the site from the ferry, so I suggested to Richard, the driver that he ask the ferryman if we should go right or left when we disembarked. He spent the ten minute crossing chatting to the guy, and got back in the cab. As we drove off the ferry and up to the T-junction, I said, ‘Right or left?’ ‘Oh!’ he said, ‘I can’t remember!’ Another one. Johnny had taken the details of a venue in Rotterdam over the phone from the Dutch agent, but had lost the address. We found ourselves driving around the city, showing anyone and everyone we could the piece of paper that John had brought with him, which had what looked like part of a postcode and the words Donkey Shot written on it. John insisted that this was the name of the venue, but people just shook their heads, mystified. After the nth attempt, Ray, who spoke Dutch fairly well, cursed loudly, and said the words Donkey Shot in an approximation of a Dutch accent. At this, the man we’d just asked repeated the name, ‘Don Quixote?’ and directed us straight there. At one stage, whilst driving in circles around Rotterdam city centre, I got stuck in the tram tracks, which were the same width as the Minibus I was driving, resulting our doing a couple of extra circuits until someone changed the points ad we regained our autonomy, or as Brexiteers might put it, ‘got our Transit back.’ Symbolic! (of what I know not.)

Andy Qunta, Terry Pack & Tony Bird – Wing Studios 1981


img039 copy img039

supplied by Pete Prescott

Phil Thornton… wow ! – I know all 3 of these splendid chaps, never expected to see them all in the same room together though !

Peter Millington…I  didn’t realise this dynamic duo did a version of “I Go Ape”

Terry Pack… 1981: Recording backing vocals (and ‘dancing’) on a session of Pete Prescott’s with the marvellous Andy Qunta at Tony Bird’s Wing Studio

Amber Young…  LOL, love it (the dancing).

Pete Prescott… My first attempt at recording songs “wot I rote”. They were not very good. The boys (with Pete Shaw on drums and Andy Caine who played wonderful guitar) played well, fun day. I have them on tape. I play them once every five years or so then find a quiet place point North and howl for ten minutes. Seemed a good idea at the time. Now a GOOD one to hear is my very first band VILLAGE (with Andy holiday who runs the p.a. At Beatles day on bass) on our first time in a studio. I was 16/17.  My daughter Poppy used to beg me to put it on.  She used to scream with laughter (yes THAT good) I remember the guy left the talk back button on. I heard him say to Andy “yes I can put reverb and echo on . . . And it will still be out of tune with reverb and echo on it ! ” followed by “yes sounding good Pete ! Lets try it again !” That tape is buried in a secret place and no I can’t remember where it is ! I wake up in cold sweats when I remember it. Village did get better by the way.

Nick Hibberd… So, you were a Village person then Pete?

Phil Gill… “I’d, errm, give it a couple of minutes before going back in there, Ray….”

Chris Baker… I’m guessing the Funky Chicken?  

Harry R & The Jump Jets – The Continental 1982 & De La Warr 1983


The Continental Bexhill 22nd September 1982supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott, Terry Pack, Dave Easton, Pete Shaw, Andy Caine and Ray Fenwick.


img085 img083

The De La Warr Pavilion 5th October 1983 supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott ….it was one of those short lived (and everyone new it ) fun bands.ray was good at getting everyone on board and organising rehearsals.i learned 48 rock and roll songs in a week.the best 24 were picked and the rest dumped.i could still sing most me then now.we all learned a lot.especially how good rock and roll is.and how influential it is.

Robert Searle… Good pictures of Pete and great picture of some great musos.

Jane Hartley… Nice legs!

Phil Gill… You wouldn’t want to take any of ’em home to meet your parents, would you?

Harry Randall… I’m wondering what’s happened to them all?

Janet Rennie… Lovely boys

Mark Gilham… What is it with Ray and promo pics?

Pete Prescott… Great band ! Andy and Ray played so well. Fantastic players. We had our moments.

Terry Pack…  did a number of recordings with him, including a country blues album(!). I liked him and he was a very good player: much more than a rocker.

Andy Caine… Bags of fun!!!

Martyn Baker… Great band photo!

Pete Shaw… What fun we all had..before Harry R, during the mad days of Harry R and after where we all did a bomb burst back into more mad music in varying bands!! Great lessons learnt…22 minute guitar solos..easy!!!

Pete Prescott… Yeah ray solo Andy solo Andy Qunta solo Tony Qunta West solo ray solo in a blues jam. 28 sodding minutes ha ha !

Phil Gill… I believe Rev Stockdale’s mum met several of them one morning when she walked into her living room and found them asleep on the floor.

Pete Shaw… What fun we all had..before Harry R, during the mad days of Harry R and after where we all did a bomb burst back into more mad music in varying bands!! Great lessons learnt…22 minute guitar solos..easy!!! And I’m allegedly a drummer…!

Andy Caine… Making as much noise as possible!

Martyn Baker… I’ll have you know, my parents met at least 3 of them.

Ray Fenwick’s White Lightning – 1980

img137 img143

Pete Prescott, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack and Pete Shaw.


Pete Prescott….yes early 1980.taken to promote the single shine it on me.we were told to look mean and serious.we look like we are suppressing a fart ! ray ran the session.most bands were trying to look like van halen. . . we were more blue peter.

What was the single like?

Terry Pack….The playing and singing were good. Nice arpeggiated guitar part over a pedal bass. Good hook in the chorus. Lacked a bridge. Lyrics a series of unconnected cliches. A song of two repaying sections: verse, chorus x n, choruses till fade. One key: no melodic, harmonic, lyrical or instrumental variation or development. Little dynamic variation except in the drum part. I had to overdub a second bass part, down the octave from the top, because Ray wanted the beginning to be as weighty as the end(?!). This was a recurring theme on dozens of sessions: I would use dynamics and rhythmic variation to build a song from start to finish, and Ray would ask me to come in all guns blazing at the top.

Pete Shaw….Got it on my Wurlitzer 2600 S which lives in my kitchen….and yes PP, what was I trying to say with those clothes! Only the scarf still fits (although that’s a bit tight!!)… felt important for all of us at that time….we were all trying hard to get on and pay the mortgage!!

Rollerball – Teach Me To Rock & Roll ABC Records Eastbourne 1978

R-3379845-1396213761-8384.jpeg 11997334_10207544933642973_1182025907_n R-3379845-1396213762-5513.jpeg

supplied by Linda Day and sourced from

Produced by Terry Pack & Tony Bird. Thanks to Linda Day for supplying this. Anyone remember it?  This is what said about it… 

The banger racing duo of Michael Baldry and Gareth Jones were doing well during the summer of ’78. Their mutual love of getting smashed to pieces in a wrecked car was rivalled only by a passion for rock n’ roll. With Gareth nursing an unpleasant groin injury after a particularly competetive race, the pair quit the season early and picked up their instruments and their mates, Guitarist Bob Titherington, keyboardist Mark Hannington and drummer Pete Billings.

The ABC Records car in a scrap…
Before long the band was getting into some heavy writing and had at least an album’s worth of material. Lead vocalist and successful businessman, Michael Baldry, decided to bypass “the system” and set up his own label, ABC records. In the late 70’s this was way ahead of it’s time. Rollerball made the album “Teach Me To Rock N’ Roll” which got airplay on BBC and Capital radio and was featured by John Peel on Radio 1 as well as top DJ Paul Gambaccini.

Despite moderate success the Rollerball project eventually gave way to other priorities in it’s members lives. However, in 2003 the band members reformed to perform on the recording sessions for lead vocalist Michael Baldry’s solo works. The band obviously still had the old magic and it was decided to write some new material which resulted in the single “Mean Sister” .

Terry Pack… I never thought I’d hear of this again! I got a call to play a session, and got roped into doing a whole album. There were no songs, so we wrote them as we went along. My favourite was ‘More Collar’.