Rollerball – Teach Me To Rock & Roll ABC Records Eastbourne 1978

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supplied by Linda Day and sourced from

Produced by Terry Pack & Tony Bird. Thanks to Linda Day for supplying this. Anyone remember it?  This is what said about it… 

The banger racing duo of Michael Baldry and Gareth Jones were doing well during the summer of ’78. Their mutual love of getting smashed to pieces in a wrecked car was rivalled only by a passion for rock n’ roll. With Gareth nursing an unpleasant groin injury after a particularly competetive race, the pair quit the season early and picked up their instruments and their mates, Guitarist Bob Titherington, keyboardist Mark Hannington and drummer Pete Billings.

The ABC Records car in a scrap…
Before long the band was getting into some heavy writing and had at least an album’s worth of material. Lead vocalist and successful businessman, Michael Baldry, decided to bypass “the system” and set up his own label, ABC records. In the late 70’s this was way ahead of it’s time. Rollerball made the album “Teach Me To Rock N’ Roll” which got airplay on BBC and Capital radio and was featured by John Peel on Radio 1 as well as top DJ Paul Gambaccini.

Despite moderate success the Rollerball project eventually gave way to other priorities in it’s members lives. However, in 2003 the band members reformed to perform on the recording sessions for lead vocalist Michael Baldry’s solo works. The band obviously still had the old magic and it was decided to write some new material which resulted in the single “Mean Sister” .

Terry Pack… I never thought I’d hear of this again! I got a call to play a session, and got roped into doing a whole album. There were no songs, so we wrote them as we went along. My favourite was ‘More Collar’.

Forcefield & Cozy Powell Memories – 1987


Here’s a rare photo of  Cozy Powell taken by Pete Prescott, rehearsing at Catsfield Studios playing the hammers!



left to right ray fenwick, chris cozens, cozy powell, pete prescott, neil murray

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The Enid – mid 80’s


Rob Bird’s photo’s via Terry Pack

Terry Pack…….The Enid. I was re-enlisted as a session player for a couple of years during the the mid-1980s. This was taken outside The Lodge Studio when it was in Clare, Suffolk. The line up was Robert John Godfrey, Steve Stewart, Dave Storey and myself.

A couple more The Enid photos, I think these are earlier shots.

terry pack 2terry pack 1

supplied by Terry Pack


Johnny Mars, Harry R & The Jump Jets with Samantha Fox

img507supplied by Pete Prescott

The infamous photo of Johnny Mars Harry R & The Jump Jets with Sam Fox, ends up in a German magazine.

img508supplied by Pete Prescott

Peter Shaw…..As the German caption stated…Pete as a backing singer for Sam Fox stating she was “first class” on this her first live gig..! Why do I know? I was there too!!

Phil Gill….Well at least my leg is in the picture behind Johnny….

Terry Pack…..I was hiding behind Johnny for most of this gig.

David Easton….Yes I remember it well.Got the T shirt.

Pete Prescott….somewhere in the article Sam is called “the big titted one” Colin fox was having his photo taken with Sam and looked as if he was going to make a lunge at them.her security men moved in.he decided against it ! she seemed to be a nice person.i thought she sang well.p.j .proby was in the audience.strange looking guy in a red top and fly fishing hat.Keith Harris was there.drunk swearing and a total pain in the ass ! good night ! when she signed her photo for me i asked if she could write ” to Pete.thanks for backing me !” she smiled and said “no”

Phil Thornton…..yes very nice girl – I did a session for her with Ray Fenwick producing – I didn’t know who she was at the time …….. but it was kind of obvious that she would get noticed !!

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn – jam 1999

geoff whitehorn


all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn (If, Crawler, Procol Harum) one off jam -1999 in Ropley.

Andy Qunta….Cool!

Peter Shaw….Reminds me of the Chris Cozens do at his home for his birthday! Plus Tezza Terry Pack and moi!!  Great guitarist that Geoff!!