Smokestack Lightning – Priory Road School Dance Hastings Caves – 12th May 1978


all photos supplied by Teenbeats Facebook Page


supplied by John Gale

and with The Adults on the 13th May supplied by John Gale

John Gale… A little report I found today from the Priory Rd News school paper, this would have been 12th May 1978. Smoke Stack Lightning playing their now infamous gig down St Clements Caves, what a sweaty night that was, happy days

Steve Fox… Nice find!

Glenn Piper… Must be more than 40 years as the school ceased in about 1974 when it became a comprehensive

Pete Fairless…  It didn’t become a comp. until about ’79 or ’80

Graham Marriott… Wonderful acoustics for mobile disco in them caves 1980’s

Jim Breeds… They didn’t do things like this in my days at HSSB.

Chris Boorman… All those years ago. And Smokestack still have the same lineup as those 2 gigs. Mainly because they can’t find another drummer who will put up with the others in the band

Steve Sampson… Noggins Deluxe Disco … those were the days

Smokestack Lightning – Tackleway Hall 13th May 1978

68067_10151377580655555_2082844928_nsupplied by Teenbeats Facebook Page

Ken Copsey…..Flyer from the legendary gig where Adults singer Jeb (also part time Teenbeats van driver) smashed up a Burns Sonic.The Adults also featured Dave Blackman on drums and Eddie Mays on bass. Andy Leaney was on guitar.Smokestack Lightning featured Ken Copsey on guitar.Huggy was at the gig, so you had four fifths of the Teenbeats present.This was definitely one of Eddie May’s designs and who could forget Noggins Deluxe Disco.

Noel Noggin… Noggins Delux Disco is still in existence, although it’s now called Zeehound and lives in mid Wales. Same DJ same great tunes. 🙂

Peter Fairless… …and Smokestack Lightning will be on tour again this summer!

Mick O’Dowd… I  really liked this band because one of their Dads’ told me to but I actually did like them!

Mark Syrett… The first time I met Steve Mepham and Craig Marsh.