Johnny Panic & a rare behind the scenes photo of ‘Deliah’ at the Beach Concert. Year unknown.

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© Eddie Hazell Estate. 

Johnny Panic, Deliah, Sacha, Kevin Francis, Simon Shaw. 

Mick O’Dowd… A very interesting band live. Saw him at Crown House St.Leonards a few years back when he did Delilah while dancing with a blow up doll! It was originally Johnny Panic & The Lost Weekend. He always reminded me of John Cooper Clarke in looks. I think he was local. He’s no longer with us i’m afraid.

Neil Cartwright… Johnny Panic no longer with us – as in ‘gone’? That’s sad. I played with him a number of times when he was going out as Sprayman and the Teenage Idols. His real name was Paul Bloomfield, and I’m pretty certain he was an art teacher at one of the secondary schools in Eastbourne. Really nice guy. Wife’s name was Sue.

Jason Stainer… Johnny/Paul was a friend and colleague of mine for many years. I worked with him in Eastbourne. Saw the band a number of times, even got up on stage with him once for Pretty Vacant. He moved to Anglesey, in Wales, after he retired and I visited him there once. He sadly died in 2009. He was a local celebrity in Hasting and a great laugh to have a few jars with. Sorely missed.