The Beatles – Yellow Submarine. The Orion 30th August 1971.

yellow submarine film 30th aug 1971

Peter Fairless… Never mind all that… Paint Your Wagon is on!

Michael Wilson… I remember going to see ‘Paint your wagon’ at the Classic cinemas in Western Road, Bexhill.

Jim Breeds… I have the 7″ single of this. Gawd knows why. Think I might have bought it for my Dad. B side is Clint Eastwood, I Talk To The Trees. Message to Clint: The trees are still not listening to you chum!

Julie Morris… Was this the ‘fleapit’?!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Julie The Orion was also known as the fleapit.

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to work here.

Chris Giles… I went to see Yellow Submarine there…

Tony Court-holmes… went there a few times

The Beatles – Our World global event – All You Need Is Love – 25th June 1967

do you remember watching this?

Alan Esdaile… Remember watching this with my sister and our parents being critical and saying how can you call this a song when they are only singing the same words over again and again. I think we were singing it for the rest of the week to wind them up!

Jim Breeds…. Yes, I watched it and my Dad ranted at it. You know the type of thing, I’m sure. Generation Gap. 🙂

Andy Qunta… Yes I remember watching! Loved it! Thought it was amazing to have the whole world linked up, which was a new concept! Beatles were great! Loved the arrangement!

Dave Nattress… I do remember seeing this having got my parents to understand it was a big deal. I also remember seeing Magical Mystery Tour and expecting a lot but somehow feeling it wasn’t so good after all. As for the repeated words I certainly never bothered letting the old chap listen to the long fade-out of Hey Jude!!!

Mick O’Dowd…. Yes remember this. In good old technicolour black & white!

Andre Martin… I remember playing this record back in June 1967, was booked to do a show at a Youth Centre somewhere in London, very near Wandsworth Town Hall, managed to get a copy from Alan Jensen at the Disc Jockey.

David Edwards… At the time I thought it wishy washy crap, never changed my opinion.

Di Veness… agreed

Colin Bell… I remember, i think that’s the point where my Mum & Dad finally gave up & thought they’d lost me to the dark side..


Roger Ferris in Liverpool

supplied by Dominic Ferris

Dominic Ferris… My dad, Roger Ferris, worked on several Beatles recordings at Abbey Road Studios, mainly around the “Let It Be” era in 1970. Last week we were invited to visit the Liverpool Beatles Museum,  where we were met by manager Paul Parry, who gave us a fascinating tour through some detailed Beatles history. We also took a ride on the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR where we were taken to iconic Beatles locations including Strawberry Field and Penny Lane. And finally, we were able to visit the famous Cavern Club, where the Beatles made their first appearance on 9th Feb 1961. Thank you to Jon Keats for looking after us and for the wonderful insight into the history of the club. A really fabulous couple of days and highly recommended to anyone that appreciates British music history.

Claire Lonsdale… Roger, such a lovely man

Roger Ferris… aw, thanks Claire 🤤x

Baz Cooper… Brilliant!!!

Alan Esdaile… Looks like you had a great time Roger.

The Beatles – Hippodrome Brighton

supplied by Caz Simpson

Caz Simpson… I went to see the Beatles in Brighton when I was 15, many years on I contacted the Argus to see if they still had the photos of me in a mess. They did, my father never spoke to me for ages because I made the news… Ho hum. Very fuzzy as copied from micro file. I made the same page as the Beatles! Oh and that’s silly me on the left. I didn’t stop for breath! I so wanted to marry Paul.

Patricia Landamore… Oh dear Caz 🙂 I did see them in Brighton, xx

Caz Simpson… So why didn’t they photograph you? You were much prettier! My dad burned the paper, he was furious.

Lloyd Johnson… A whole bunch of us from The Pamdor went to see The Beatles at The Brighton Hippodrome. It was The Roy Orbison Tour and Roy Orbison conceded top of the bill to The Beatles the evening we saw them.i.e. he came on before them because he said the theatre would be empty once they had played their set as all the kids would rush around to the stage door to see them off in their tour coach, which is exactly what  Helena Kingshott, Lexley Thewenetti and I did. the coach was pulling away by the time we got to the back of the theatre and The Beatles were pulling funny faces and waving at us..a great night ..cherished memories….I was a deck chair attendant at the time and I didn’t collect all the deckchairs up from the beach that afternoon/ early evening as I didn’t want to miss the coach Les Martin who helped run The Pamdor had organised for The Roy Orbison/The Beatles show. the next day I got called into the Deck chair managers office under the promenade at Warrior Square . He said I had the sack because 84 deck chairs had floated out to sea….

Helena Kingshott… What a brilliant discription of a fantastic time. Thank you Lloyd for this reminder

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week Film. Friday 5th Jan 2018 Channel 4 – 9.00pm

John Warner… Back in the 60’s the Beatles almost came to Maidstone. Brian Epstein and one of his management team came to the Star Ballroom to see Stan Stanwell with a view to arranging a gig. Money was agreed and most of the conditions met. The fly in the ointment was the fact that because the stage was low and the audience could get right up close to it. Epstein insisted on a wire netting barrier covering the whole of the stage. We consulted the fire brigade who rejected this item as a danger to both the groups and to the audience, so no Beatles. This news was never released, in the local paper as we knew how upset our punters would be.