CB Radio – the big switch 1981

Dave Nattress… In 1981 I was traveling the country for work every mile of every motorway – England, Scotland, Wales. Contracts Manager for a construction company. One of my colleagues said try a CB radio. At first I scoffed at the idea – Good Buddy 10.4 and all that but I got one fitted in the car and TBH it was great fun and on the super-slabs (M Ways), it was a great help finding out where hold-up’s were and where the “bears” were sitting nicking speeders. I did get nicked for speeding on Motorways twice, but occupational hazard – well if you exceed the speed limit that is! Used to catch up with the company truckers and delivery drivers for breakfast at Toddington M1 North at about 07.00 (out of Bexhill before 04.00 hours), straight through London back then, M25 was just a few isolated bits. Great stuff tuned to the truckers mobile channel 19! Does anyone still use CB’s?

Mike Waghorne… Great fun on AM rigs in the early 80’s