The Black Horse Telham – 2nd folk club reunion 1990

supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… Poster from 1990 for the 2nd Black Horse folk club reunion, which became known as the Black Horse Music Festival that ran annually for another 20 years or so. The folk club itself had run for a similar lifespan from the mid-60s. Many of the musicians and/or bands involved in the Saturday event had been regular performers or residents at the folk club.

Nadia Compagnone… I used to live next door to the Black Horse and married Eddie“s brother in law. My dear cousin was Peter Thompsett from Cottage, sadly missed, but many happy memories.

Neil Partrick… Readers might be interested in my profile of folk musician Ian Dobson which has quite a bit about the Black Horse Telham folk club and some of the musicians who played there

Keith Veness… Had some great nights there in the early 70s

Mike Waghorne… Often went there in the mid 70’s

David Betts… For the record the original founders of the Black Horse folk club were not the 2 gents listed in the attached article, the club came from an idea of a guy called Sam Sewell who I (Dave Betts) was at Bexhill Grammar school with, he introduced me to Eddie and myself and Colin Potter started the club in the side room on a Saturday night, this would have been around 1964, around the same time we ran the New Inn club in Sidley, which originally started at the Conservative club in Bexhill .

The Yetties -The Black Horse 13th March 1979

Alan Wood… Great venue ,sometimes iffy groups

Wendy Weaver… I was there😀. Been to many of their gigs since. They retired about 5 years ago and Pete Shuttler sadly died in September 2014. Bonnie is still talking and singing about our beloved Dorset

Iain Cobby… the Catsfield Steamers played at Jo and I’s wedding in Beckley many years ago! They were fantastic and made the day.Shine on!

Wilko Johnson at The Black Horse Music Festival 22nd May 1998 by Andrew Clifton.

Martin Richter… fantastic! anyone know how to convert vhs to digital – *somewhere* i`ve got a copy of Divine in concert at Saturdays that needs preserving!

Yvonne Cleland… Damn I wish I’d seen this! However, I saw Doctor Feelgood in Eastbourne when Wilco was in top form.

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poster ad from Phil Little Hastings Music Files. Lead supplied by Neil Cartwright.

Alan Esdaile… Well done to Andrew & Steve Clifton, all those hours filming, no doubt loads of aches & pains from holding cameras but very much appreciated here.

Neil Cartwright… FANTASTIC!! ……. (and he’s using MY curly lead!!!!!).

Paul Dengate… Your curly lead Neil, and he’s using MY monitor mix!!!!

Andrew Clifton… Martin the video was coverted from a video 8 tape using Video forever it does vhs to digital.

Andy Gunton… I was there 🙂

Geoff Peckham… Excellent footage of Wilko Johnson. Great little festival. This was the year I played there with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. I remember it well!

Steve Sampson… Went on the Friday to see Wilko and Monday to see The Blackman Brothers.

Robert Wren… I had seen Dr Feelgood a number of times but that was the first time I had seen Wilko and I felt like I had a last truly seen Dr Feelgood.


Friday Nite Swing Sessions – The Black Horse 1976.


Jim Breeds… ‘Snatch’ Snashall. Hmm…. I was recently trying to remember the stage name of a jazz violinist that I used to work with at Ashdown House at about that time. He played in a jazz band at the Hayloft & occasionally the Black Horse. Real name was Jim but I can’t remember his last name. Maybe this Snatch is the guy … Jim had played Jazz with Spike Milligan in Bexhill in WW2.

Peter Thomson… It was Jim Small, Jim. Used to launch into impromptu bursts of solo violin during lunch breaks. They were one and the same, as betrayed by a photo in one of Milligan’s books (can’t remember which).