Did everyone enjoy The Bodyguard?

photo © BBC


Karen Sweatman… My heart is still pounding! That was intense!

Yvonne Cleland… Absolutely gripping!

Carol Paffett… Yes, don’t usually watch these dramas but this one was great

Eric Harmer… Sorry Alan , I didn’t like the acting in it, the script and the unrealistic situations. But Liz loved it. What did you think ?

Alan Esdaile… Loved it Eric. Very few things I watch on tv now on real time but this was great and anything that takes your aches and pains away, as your gripped by the drama is perfect.

Arthur Sutherland… It’s only a play.

Eric Harmer… Yes I know it’s not a documentary but it was to unbelievable for me also i thought the script was really poor. Just my option. As I said my wife loved it

Angela Frances Gardner… Not watching it!

Paul Juan… Parents loved it

Pete Fairless… I’m with Eric. He can write action but he needs to get someone in to help with dialogue. The male lead, oak or pine?

Eric Harmer… Agree Peter. Also some of the scenes where implausible I thought

Judith Monk… I loved it!

Janet Brophy… Waiting for next series hopefully, it was really good

Liane Carroll… I loved it x

Janet Large… Of course loved it

Sue Bennett… OMG brilliant !!!

Alan Pepper… A bit disappointed with the ending . A shame because it was such a good start I think. Minor quibbles but brilliant fun . 8 out of 10 in my opinion . The confession by Nadia was like a Scooby Doo ending ! They would have got away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky Budd.

Andre Martin… Nothing wrong with Scooby Do..hd is the best – as for the story – some people would have said impossible… Well I leave that to your imagination – do you really trust and believe “The State!!”

Wendy Weaver… I thought it was good most of the time. A few holes in the story but I looked forward to seeing it each week.