Out Of Mind – The Carlisle Hastings around 1992

Supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman… I believe one of them became a member of Top Loader.

Martin Richter… proof that Ibanez guitars aren’t always great ?

Si Mills… These bring back memories… I was in Out of Mind for a while (before these were taken). What a great band. We played the Carlisle quite a few times. I remember a baking August bank holiday gig when the pavement outside was lined with bikes. As for guitars, Glenn had a Charvel during my time, and I had a Strat. Plus a full Marshall stack and JCM amp – those were the days!

Pendragon – The Carlisle Hastings 29th August 1985

Tim Phillips… I was at that gig

Iain Cobby… So was I. great prog combo

Antonia Jacobs… Those were the days.

Nick Shute… Does anyone know of the band Lucifer?….was wondering if this was the same band that had a cult album’big gun’

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure it was a local band Nick, but maybe wrong!

Iron Duke – The Carlisle mid 70’s

supplied by Pete Brazier

Alan Esdaile… Nice shirt Pete. Do you remember the full names?

Martin Richter… looks like Nigel Millichamp ?

Pete Brazier… Band members in photo (apart from me) left to right Steve “Bill” Balham-Bass, Nigel Millichamp – Drums, Steve Murphy – Leed Guitar, And Paul Roberts on Keyboard, other Members came along later.

Ian Johnson… Who remembers the Reggae sound system called Fugitive that played each and every Thursday in the 80s

Jacqueline Marsh… My mum worked here when I was about 7 and she use to leave me upstairs where i discovered the stage and a microphone which had been left on. I just singing singing and am still doing it at 72! Apparently I stopped everyone in their tracks downstairs in the bar and mum had to own up it was only her 7 year old singing lol great pub from my memories as I remember it. I went on to have a professional career as a vocalist.

Pete Brazier… Need a backing vocalist?

The Carlisle Hastings February/March 1979

supplied by Ken Copsey

Ken Copsey… Seem to remember there was some discussion about the billing of the Piranhas gig at the Carlisle. They were definitely top of the bill. Teenbeats were tagged on to get in the local mods.

John Gale… Went to the all those mate,,,, the only band not worth watching on the those bills were the Teenbeats,,,, they were crap 🤣🤣🤣. Seriously, mate all good bands. The Chicane night ended up a bit messy i recall , less said about that the better 😂. The Piranha gigs were particularly good as they attracted a mixed crowd , I remember the one where Nicky and the Dots supported l them too, a certain mate of mine went flying down the stairs with his broken leg. Think it was that one anyway 😂. Good Times mate . What I would give for a night like that tonight ?

supplied by John Gale

Steve Sampson… Was that the night Kev O fell down the stairs ! 🤣… one of those at the Carlisle I lost my hearing for days after being pushed into the speaker stack while pogoing

Ken Copsey…Unless my memory fails me the place was completely packed that night from the front of the stage to about two thirds back. I can imagine it would have been quite easy to end up wedged against the PA. This was my first gig with the Teenbeats and I was still an innocent 16 year old.


The Carlisle Hastings May 1985

Bonx Trigwell… Played there a few times in the mid 1990’s…

Chris Jolly… Louis and Roger!

Karen Sweatman… English Rogues were a great band as were Roadhouse. Happy memories

Roger Carey… I worked with Louis and his band many times in the 1980’s:- sometimes a duo gig came up like this one! Hello Bonx, Hello Chris!

Gary Lancaster… I was very good friends with Louis son whilst at school, if it’s the same Louis Turpin that’s from Rye!


Dave and Jed – The Carlisle Hastings July 1976

Paul Huggett…Good guy, Jed. I auditioned for his job in The Vampires, a well thought-of band on the Kent/Sussex borders, around 1969/70. Didn’t get it, but the band didn’t last too long after, they were very good, and Jed was a hard act to follow. Excellent.

Mark Rodrigues… Was Jed a teacher too?

Mick O’Dowd… How times have changed at The Carlisle!

Alan Vale… Jed played in Sidewinder very briefly in mid 1980’s if we are talking of the same JED the drummer

Richard J Porter… Was Jed from Northiam?

Gerry Fortsch… I remember it well, it was after the Vampires that I lost a year or two.

Johnny Francis Road Show – The Carlisle April 1975

Martin Richter… disco-mania !!!!! my brain can’t cope. …….on a Monday !

Jan Warren… What?? Is this for real?? – Disco-mania at The Carlisle?? No Way?? haha

Martin Richter… the Dave Henry Roadshow were there twice a week !

Alan Esdaile… I was probably working, so don’t remember this but used to see Johnny Francis at a packed Crypt on a Sunday lunchtime.