The Catacombe Eastbourne gigs

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… Some more local bands from the 1960s playing at the Catacombe. The Beachcombers, The Suspects, Kaine and Abel and St Johns Wood.

Mark Mackenzie… Hi Do you have any posters of The New Breed at The Catacombs ?

Stewart Grimes… Our band used to play there quite often The Victors with myself, Roy Sanderson, Barrie Sussell and Terry Stevens!

The Drifters – The Catacombe Eastbourne 1966










Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin…..Just look at those prices – and I could have claimed Student Rate at the time, that would have been an even bigger bonus. I seem to recall that you could get a very late[early]train back from Eastbourne at about 1.30 am that was always very useful.

Len Smith… Catacombe great place to play but how did they manage all 3 bands& Drifters in one night on that stage!