Jim Jim & The Jims – The Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 5th Feb 1980

15. 5th feb 1980. jims

A Tuesday Night in Hastings in February 1980 and always a packed house for Jim Jim & The Jims.

Pete Prescott… Amazing band.Only played for a year. Ray Fenwick Pete Shaw Dermot Murphy Andy Caine Andy Qunta and me. Then later we were joined by Terry Pack and when they were around Wes Magoogan Steve Kinch Tony Qunta and Tich Turner.one or two gig had ALL of the above. Someone said it sounded like a fire in a pet shop! I did get a bit bored by the very long solos (at the beginning the songs were shorter And snappier).one blues jam lasted 27 mins! but such a great band. Amazing players. A lot of fun !

Andy Qunta… Fire in a pet shop, Pete? Ha ha! Great!

Ernest Ballard… Remember all the Jims well.

Andy Qunta… Funnily enough I was just listening to a recording of the Jims that someone (Pete Shaw I think!) kindly sent me. What a great band, and so much fun! When’s the reunion gig, fellow Jims?

Martyn Baker… They were a great band to see and hear live, but I still curl up with laughter, remembering various members of The Teenbeats worshipping Ray’s guitar solos! Loved it all.

Mark Gilham… Comedy Gold. Wish I’d have been there.

Phil Gill… Mark, it was comedy gold. Ray called them babies. They did the “We’re not worthy!” routine 20 years before Wayne’s World.

Pete Prescott… The teenbeats were bit unhappy with Ray one night and the piss taking got out of hand. Ray was playing the intro to Smoke On The Water ha ha ! The local paper mentioned it. I have the clipping somewhere. Ray played some amazing guitar in that band. In the studio he could be a nightmare but he was responsible for some great music and recordings at that time. I would love to sing with him again.

Martyn Baker… As a disinterested member of the audience that night in the Chatsworth – I found it hilarious Pete! The music was fab though!

Pete Prescott… I have the same tape Pete gave to Andy. Good memories. Smoke from a distant fire by the Sandford Townshend band. What a song !

Andy Qunta… Yes, that was a really fun song!

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Lies – The Chatsworth Hotel 1980

1. JAN 13th 1980 - LIES 13. 27th jan 1980 lies

16. 2nd march 1980 lies

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Some familiar names from March 2nd, 1980. Pete Prescott , Kevin Hoad, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack Tony Bird .

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Terry Pack… I remember those Sunday gigs. I enjoyed that band.

Pete Prescott… We didn’t gig that much. I remember doing Stevie Wonder ‘ s loves in need of love today. A few Chatsworth gigs and it was done.

Peter Millington… I was there, great band and venue

Terry Pack… Sunday lunchtimes. Kevin used to joke that nobody would come to the gigs because people would think it was all lies.

Tim Anderson… And the support act….Post Truth.

Phil Gill… They later changed their name to Alternative Facts.

Sarah Harvey… Peter Prescott !!! How posh ☺

Mick O’Dowd… That’s alot of Lies!

Robert Searle… A. Great lineup, I would have love to have seen this.

Stuart Moir… I was there admiring Ray Fenwicks guitar prowess brilliant evening

Robert Searle…I did recording session with him years ago. The last time I saw him play was at the Hailsham Club with Tony Kenward group, he can play any style.

Pete Prescott…He is a fantastic player. As you say any style. Very classy. One of the very few that listens and likes singers and the overall sound of a track. I would love to work with him again. Offstage he’s also very funny. He had so many hilarious stories. I’ve told him he should write a book.