The Clash – Hastings Pier 12th January 1980





ticket supplied by Robert Wren,  ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, backstage pass supplied by Pete Fairless badge supplied by Phil Meston, photo: The Clash in Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway Helge Øverås, 21 May 1980

Mark Gilham… This show was put on by our old manager John Curd

Andy Baldock…..saw the gig in 1980. Also saw them at Brighton Top Rank either the next night or night after that.Saw some fab bands at the old Top Rank……..

Phil Meston… I saw the Clash on the pier in 1980. Another souvenir from the Clash’s 1980 gig on The Pier, the badge above.

Cheryl White… This must have been one of the first outings for ‘London Calling’. Anyone remember the set list?

David Stevens… The first outings for songs from London Calling were three gigs in London during July 1979, followed by a festival appearance in Finland and a North American tour in the Autumn. On the 12th Jan 1980 my memory has them opening with London Calling, but looking at the available set lists from around that date they all go Clash City Rockers, Brand New Cadillac, Safe European Home, Jimmy Jazz, London Calling and then some variation.

Peter Fairless… Sadly, too many of those brain cells are long departed. I can tell you they played it but I couldnt tell you where in the set it was!

Chris Giles… Missed all of these …too busy being a mum.

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The Clash photos – Hastings Pier 12th November 1977. photos © Martin van der Grinten

Paul Simonon backstage at Hastings Pavillion

photos © Martin van der Grinten

Ken Hatch… Great bass player

Ian Johnson… I was at the Clash gig on the pier when they had the Cimarons as the back up band a really great night

Willie Wicking… Was at this one

Douglas Palmer… I don’t recall the Clash on Hastings Pier but from 1971-76 I worked for Berfort Reproductions whose joint owner John Berwick regularly promoted groups on the Pier. I particularly remember Suzi Quattro. At the time of booking she was relatively unknown but by the time of her appearance in Hastings Can The Can was No 1 in the charts. Myself and my work colleagues had various duties that evening and were rewarded with meeting Suzi after the gig, my 15 year old nephew was overwhelmed to meet her. During the early 70’s John Berwick also had promotions including amongst others Thin Lizzy. Fun days

Peter Fairless… Thin Lizzy were a no show

Peter Houghton… I saw the Clash on the Pier and they signed my single for me

The Clash & The Slits – Hastings Pier 21st December 1978




ticket supplied by Alex Chapman       ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Cheryl White… What an amazing gig to have been at. I’m currently curating an exhibition about Poly Styrene. Does anyone have anything of X-Ray Spex on the pier?

Andy Gunton… I’ve no doubt you’re already aware of this, but just in case, Poly is mentioned in this:

Chris van Rock… I would love to see that exhibition about Poly. I have wrote my first novel ( the Zombies of St. Leonard’s ) with a character based on her and a copy of the book has been sent to her daughter by her friend. I can deliver or post and all monies are for St Michael’s Hospice in memory of Poly … the inspiration and memories of growing up with punk music


Chris van Rock… Interestingly the Slits played on 2 clash tours. Always a great band.

Paul Mingham… Took a charter coach there, it picked us up in Newhaven. Ride was fun, punk rock sing along all the way there! Great gig electric atmosphere. Oh to be 17 again!

Tim Brooder… How I wish I wasn’t 7 at the time!

Andrew Burke… Like to catch up with Paul Mingham if anyone has contact details we saw some great bands together

happy to pass on any messages.

The Adverts 22nd Oct & The Clash 12th Nov 1977 – Hastings Pier


supplied by  Peter Fairless Bands on Hastings Pier

The Adverts replaced Jim Capaldi who was originally booked…

Ken Copsey .…Remember the Voidoids walked off stage after their ‘bald’ lead guitarist was hit on the head by what looked like a full can of beer. Thank god that kind of age discrimination doesn’t  go on nowadays or none of us would dare set foot on stage again!

John Storer…..The Clash in 77 was one of the best gigs I ever saw at the Pier, even though I had to stand at the back because it was the first gig I’d taken the future Mrs Storer to (She was a Genesis / Yes / Pink Floyd fan). We’d only been going out a couple of weeks so I had to be on best behaviour. Knew it was going to be a great gig as soon as they launched into “London’s Burning. “Their debut still stands the test of time and is one of the few albums from that era I still listen to occasionally. But only in the car … Mrs S still hates punk!

Andrew Clifton…. link for review of gig.

poster for sale in Belgium

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sourced from Stefaan Delarue. Punk Memorabilia For Sale or Trade Facebook page.

Clash ticket supplied by Lynn Gale

Lynn Gale… My hubby found , may be of interest.

Shaun Wright… I went to that Clash gig…..😎

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Willie Wicking… Was at both those gigs think I’ve still got a handfull of the Pink & black flyers tickets