Ginger Baker R.I.P.

photo: Zoran Veselinovic. 1980

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Kev Carleonis… The best must sadly die

Mike Cope… RIP at The Great Gig in the Sky with all the other Greats. What a Session that must be…?!

Alan Parker… R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

Tony Court-holmes… worked on the pier the night he played hastings with the army. r.i.p.

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, probably The best drummer ever!! R.I.P Ginger

Eric Cawthraw… I’ve just heard that Ginger Baker has just joined the Rhythm section in the sky. That’s Ginger and Jack gone – just Eric left!  Spooky, it was only earlier that I was paying some Cream in the car to my lad and I mentioned that Mr. B was getting on a bit.

Alan Esdaile… I remember we promoted Baker Gurvitz Army at Chatham Town Hall but he wasn’t happy. I think it was down to the stage size or may have been the support bands equipment. However was a fantastic gig. R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

John Warner… Last saw him many years ago at the Cellar club, Kingston with Cream. Great group, great drummer!

Mick O’Dowd… Worked onstage with him at Martin-Casson Pier gig. Support band had to play half way up Pier even though The Army were only a 3 piece. Stood throughout set about 6 feet from him and that was an eye-opener! He made drums talk with hardly any effort. RIP Ginger.

Mike Waghorne… RIP

Deborah Mould… It’s sad that the drummers don’t get the recognition they deserve!

Danny Goyvaerts… Sad! Best drummer ever!

Peter Houghton… I saw the Baker Gurvitz Army and I think there were 4 Ginger the two Gurvitz Brothers and one other have to check my album cover I think the other guys name was Snips?

Neil Partrick… He was wonderful. If anyone’s not seen Meet Mr Baker, it’s strongly recommended. Not always pretty but entertaining.

Doug Prentice… Saw him with Cream on the revolving stage at Glasgow Locarno Ballroom and later leading Airforce at Glasgow Apollo – Magnificent.

Jack Bruce – Cream Bassist dies aged 71.


Jack Bruce  performing on the Dutch television program Fanclub in January, 1968  – Omroepvereniging VARA

The Cream. From left: Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton – General Artists Corporation (management) /Atco Records

Alan Esdaile… God, not another one. The Cream music was a very important part of my teenage years .R.I.P. Jack.

Jane Hartley… Just heard it, no more please, rip jack

Colin Norton… Sad news indeed! RIP Jack.

John Storer… Very sad news. I was only listening to the third album he did with Robin Trower a few days ago. “Seven Moons” came out in, I think, 2008 and both musicians are on top form for it. Highly recommended

Dennis Torrance… Dont know if I can take anymore bad news

Andy Qunta… Jack Bruce – one of the very best!

Sarah Harvey… Oh dear not another legendary musician! 🙁

Patrick Lewis… So sad. Great musician – Wheels of Fire a great legacy of his musicianship. RIP

Graham Belchamber… Just recently I got the remasterered Songs for a Tailorman, I remember Alan Freeman playing Theme from an Imaginary Western on Radio London many many years sgo and then buying a cassette of the album. Bedsit life with no TV in 1980! Sad news today.

Chris Sambrook… Very sad to hear about Jack Bruce. As a school boy in the mid 60′s growing up with the Yardbirds, Clapton is God and all that, Jack Bruce made the bass guitar his own. When you add to the mix of Clapton and Ginger Baker, i.e. the Cream of musicians, they became the bench mark, especially live. Crossroads became there own song written by Robert Johnson. Rest in Peace Jack Bruce.

Dave Nattress… Jack’s passing is a great loss and it’s certainly taken the shine off my Saturday night. Back in the day – 68 and 69 at school, Cream was the band. You know, when someone goes that OK, wasn’t a relative or close friend, or friend even, but was someone who was so important in your life, just because you admired their music from afar, it takes away a bit of your own life too. I always feel this. Now there goes a bit more. RIP Jack. Will be listening to my old and rather newer Cream stuff tonight. Got some good DVD’s also. Great Bass Player, Great Vocalist, Great Writer. Can here those Bass notes at the start of “Badge” right now. In fact it’s on now……

Philip John… DAMN !

Samuel Freeman… RIP jack one of the greats

Mick O’Dowd… Not a good time to be a star in your 70’s. Great loss.