The Crypt – March 1989’s Stuff


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Martin Richter… I drew that poster – btw – I failed o-level art (inspired by the zap clubs posters of the same time). parallel – Jez Gillett? bewildered – paul Thomas (tom e flamingo) and dave blackman) , roadhouse – nigel millichamp, gambeau and dave Bartlett….? bookings by jozef rytlewski -this is when graham jones was manager.

Karen Sweatman… I Like Danny’s Hair were fantastic. I can remember their classic ‘Fatso Fatso, Let’s Break For Lunch’

Martin Richter… were they the Eastbourne band Karen?

Kev Towner… Anyone remember Rockbitch?

Karen Sweatman … I had forgotten just how bonkers they were! Rick, the singer used to have a trick of smashing a beer glass on his forehead. It went horribly wrong one night and he did a whole set with blood pouring down his face. Also remember the audience playing a game of football during one of their gigs. Do you remember Rik Goodman?

Kev Towner… I used to work on Turn It Up Redstar. I’ve still got a newspaper cutting from one of the broadsheets when they did a big piece on the show. I think there’s me, Duncan and some others in it – including some pics of a studio interview with (I think) The Long Tall Texans.

Martin Richter… I`m a long tall Texan – I drive a big white car ! Lovely geezers – their hastings experiences didn`t do them credit.

Paul Dengate… Re The Battle Of The Bands (8th March), that was probably the year that Better Days won it.

The Beat – The Crypt – 18th October 2008.


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Robert Wren….Matt Capital has just said……18th October 2008 -The Royal Stars second ever gig!! And we were supporting The Beat!!

I thought it was an earlier gig and a big later then what we usually post here but a great poster.

Here’s a few seconds of the Royal Stars

Sam Waller… I remember going to this. Could of sworn it was earlier than 2008,but the poster obviously proves me wrong! I remember wearing a pair of suede boots to this (in my mod days) and binning them when I got home…bad mistake to wear anything nice on a floor like the Crypt had!


Popular Beat Combo and Uome – Music Files Christmas Party The Crypt 22nd December 1997




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Martin Richter… wow – what a line-up! (the crypt).

Alan Esdaile… Popular Beat Combo – Rick Pentecost, Dave Blackman, Roger Carey and Steve Demetri on drums in both bands.

Ernest Ballard… What a lovely man Steve was. Bless him. Huge talent on the drums inspired by Steve Gadd

The Selecter – The Crypt (anyone know the year?) & The Hamsters chat.


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Anyone confirm the year?

John Storer… I’m guessing somewhere between 1991, when Pauline Black rejoined the band (after having left in 1982), and 2006 when she left again. During that period, they were always billed as “The Selecter with Pauline Black”. They reformed again this year, and start a tour next week.

An aside: When she left in 82, she was replaced by Stan Campbell but nothing was ever recorded. Stan went on to record with The Special AKA and is the singer on “Free Nelson Mandela”. Life has been cruel for Stan, who is currently detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act. However, if you ever get a chance to hear his 1986 solo album, do so – it is truly one of the great forgotten recordings

A further aside: Their first single, the eponymous “Selecter” (B-side of The Specials’ “Gangsters”) is the ringtone on my phone!

Jim Breeds… Wednesday Sept 8th. So one of the following years. 2010, 2004, 1999, 1993, 1982, 1976.

Peter Fairless…. 2010 John.

John Mcewen… Does anyone remember the Hamsters at The Crypt? With Slim playing pool with his guitar whilst belting out a Hendrix number?

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… The Hamsters always used to play a lot of Hendrix and used to finish their set with Z Z Top’s Le Grange

John Mcewen… Top band. Their version of Mercury Blues was brilliant!

Yvonne Cleland… I think I saw them the first time they played the Crypt. They were excellent, but a coachload of fans from London were there and moshing so enthusiastically that I was scared I’d get hurt!

Jim Breeds… I saw them last year (not in Hastings). Almost their final ever gig.

Dave Nattress… Hamsters – fabulous. Saw at Brighton Dome long ago supporting The Blues Band with Hoax on the same bill and also on the seafront near the pier in Brighton – can’t recall venue name – small, sweaty place. Got 2 x double CD’s, “The Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concerts – 1995” and “10 Years of Rodent Rock” – great albums.

Tony Davis Merlin’s Music Box – The Crypt Hastings 1971/72

Tony Davis… This is a bit of a grim photo but thought you might like to see the first disco to play at The Crypt in about 1971/72. This is me at the controls of Merlin’s Music Box. We used to play there between 7.30pm and 10.30pm on Sunday and Thursday nights. At one stage we also had Gogo dancers.

Iain Cobby… Love the light show Mr Davis, obviously not wanting to overload the electrics!