The Architects – The Cutter Hastings 28th February 1985

Keith Jenner, Alan Phillips, Nick Monaghan and Rick Cooper

Cule Tulo… Don’t make me feel old. I’ve been in bands with some of these guys when I was a teenager

Martin Curcher… Rick took over bass after I left, good old days

Steve May… I joined later that year on guitar after Keith left! Hello Martin, how’s tricks?

Old Town Soul – an evening of Northern & Rare Soul – The Cutter – 30th August 2014


supplied by Chris Russel

An evening of Northern & Rare Soul at The Cutter Old Town Hastings.  Saturday 30th August 2014. 8.00pm

Andre Martin… Ok out with the talc and get the floor just right !

Leigh Wieland-Boys… another good reason for me to move back to Hastings!

Alan Esdaile… Here’s a great track that was on the northern soul programme the other night.