Alan Jensen – The Disc Jockey rare photos by Dave Trodd


all photos © Dave Trodd

Colin Bell… Great photo’s, he was a ‘one off’ still missed

John Gale… Lovely guy

Jim Breeds… Great photos. I can smell that record-shop-smell just looking at the racks of 45s!

Jeremy Harrison… I have a bag somewhere with ‘I love big Al’ on it……

John Gale… Jeremy, so have I, it was my school bag, still has my school books in it

Sandie Carlyon… So many records bought in there. Happy memories.

Pauline Richards… Big Al. I remember him. They lived in St. Helens Woods.

Diane Knight… What about Tony (aka Rod ) who used to work there, great memories!!!

Debbie Harris… Diane, Hi, I am married to the gorgeous Rod ! Heard all his stories!

Sue Graham… My first Saturday job was working there

Fred Marsh… What a lovely place that was found a LP plastic sleeve with the logo on it I was thrilled

Stuart Moir… Remember him well, was always in there chatting to friends .

Mick O’Dowd… One of lifes nice blokes. Helped me (along with Jack London) in my early DJ career. Always pleasant & knowledgible and along with his wife a really nice couple.

Hazel Dorgan… Love going in that shop Had coffee with him in wards in Hastings some times. Dave Trood brings back memories.

Tracy Jones… I loved his shop. I bought all my LPs and singles there.

Kevin Flock… Got so many records from there used to get huge discount

Debs JAnd… OMG I remember him,  I would spend hours perusing the records as we had a crush on his assistant Tony Harris….we were around 13 at the time!

Steven Thompson… The plastic bags when you bought your records had “I LIKE BIG ALL” on the side.

Gary Read… Used to love the bags with little handles on put straight in cupboard to stop them getting dog eared

John Wilde…A great photo of a lovely man. Gone too soon. Thanks Al for your service to music.

Ann Ling… I loved his shop he was always so knowledgable .

Lloyd Johnson… In the early 60s Alan use to let me listen to all the new releases first thing Saturday morning before I went to the Pamdor.I remember him playing me ‘Moody Guy’ by Shane Fenton & The Fentones, and ‘Storm’ by The Hunters…also ‘Picture of you’ by Joe Brown and The Bruvvers….The Disco Jockey was quiet away up Queens road on the right back then….I think Alan managed Melvyn,Kenny ,Lynn and Bonzo’s group The Humperdinks as well….all old school friends…Priory Road school mates and fellow Ore Youth Club members….They played The Regent club which Alan got going… I remember Alan was always dressed immaculately and had wore really stylish mohair suits!

John Gale… He was proper cool mate, his wife looked the biz too

Dennis Torrance… Always a warm welcome at the Disc jockey and always helpful to find a record you was after .

Nick Bloomfield… It was my go to shop for records back in the late seventies. I was there rifling through records at least once a week. I bought at least one LP a month out of my meagre wages.

Alan Esdaile… He was a really nice guy and always helpful and supportive. He used to send records out to me when I worked abroad and when I set up my shop he was happy to share valuable advice. Terribly sad ending.

Iain Cobby… Memories of sitting in the sound both listening to Iron Butterfly with Stevie D . great place, kept worrying Alan J for a copy of Whos Next after seeing them on the pier. Great times.

The Disc Jockey’s Hastings Carnival float , 1959

supplied by Leigh Kennedy – Historical Hastings facebook group.

Alan Esdaile… Any idea who the group is playing?

Roy Penfold… From the HH group – ‘Possibly the Dolphin Jazz Band’ : Aviva Treger comments… My Dad played the trumpet in the Dolphin Jazz Band – their poster is on the front of the truck. I think they might even be in the main photo, facing away from the camera on the float itself. The person standing has a double bass, the person to the far right a trombone. So, by the strangest coincidence, my Dad is probably in this photo.

Dave Nattress… Would never have thought the Disc Jockey was a sold as to do 1959! Is this George Street? Was thinking just the other day, way before it was pedestianised we used to drive along there and I think, emphasise think, it was wide enough for car-parking one side – south, and for vehicles to pass but is this faded memory wrong?

Roy Penfold…It was certainly wide enough. I remember driving along there until at least about 1980 or so.

Leigh Kennedy… it was pedestrianised in 1988.