The Enid featuring Terry Pack




Andy Qunta…..Awesome, Terry!

Terry Pack….Everything I wore between 1970 and 1979 was flared: loons, jeans, sleeves, collars, hair…

Andy Qunta….That was exactly how it should be, you fashion icon you!

Peter James Shaw…..Where’s that great Rickenbacker now…you must have exchanged it for another outfit!!

Terry Pack….I sold it in 1979, Pete. It was a beauty, but a medium scale length. I needed to move on to a grown-up instrument.

Martyn Wyatt… 2nd from left, Mr Willy Gilmour, my old school music teacher!

Charlie Elston… Hi Thunderbags, pretty much sums it up

The Enid – mid 80’s


Rob Bird’s photo’s via Terry Pack

Terry Pack…….The Enid. I was re-enlisted as a session player for a couple of years during the the mid-1980s. This was taken outside The Lodge Studio when it was in Clare, Suffolk. The line up was Robert John Godfrey, Steve Stewart, Dave Storey and myself.

A couple more The Enid photos, I think these are earlier shots.

terry pack 2terry pack 1

supplied by Terry Pack


The Enid with Terry Pack

1976 Promo Photo

1976 Enid Promo.jpg

L-R: Steve Stewart, Terry Pack, Francis Lickerish, Dave Storey, Charlie Elston, Robert John Godfrey. some interesting info and images on Terry’s website

Terry wrote the following about joining The Enid – It was a lucky break. The band had just split up with its management, and lost its bass player. It was looking for a record deal, and had little to offer in a commercial sense to a more proficient player. I think I had a bit of potential, and was prepared to go and live with a dysfunctional ‘family’ in a freezing cold cottage at the end of a rutted track in the bleakest regions of North Herts where there was nothing else to do but practice, and no money to anything in any case! We were made for each other.