The Episode – The Cobweb 11th January 1969



The Episode were previous Episode Six which included Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. 7 1/2 pence to play bingo!

Andy Qunta… Simon Dupree & The Big Sound coming up too! Kippinston (!) Lodge!

Paul Huggett… Kippington Lodge had Nick Lowe in the lineup I think.

Alan Esdaile… Yes your right Paul and involved into Brinsley Schwarz.

Chris Jolly… Sat January 18 – KIPPINSTON LODGE!

Andre Martin… Simon Dupree and The Big Sounds, Kites, excellent record used to get a lot of air time on BBC Radio London with Robbie Vincent in th 70s. Worked with Episode Six and of course the House Band = well almost Kippington Lodge when John Schofield was promoting the Happy Ballroom in 1968. Again just how many future “Names” were learning their trade on Hastings Pier or Witch Doctor/Cobweb.

Ian Williams… I worked with Dave Cottam in the ’70’s – great bass player. The band was fronted by Will Young, I believe? Roger Siggery on drums.

Joe Cocker – Hastings Pier 13th July 1968 & Kippington Lodge Brinsley Schwarz chat.


joe cocker

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…. Joe Cocker – July 13th, 1968. The reference to ‘Marjorine’ is merely trying to highlight his single from the ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ album of the same year. He was never nicknamed ‘Marjorine’. The single made the Top Ten on the British charts, remaining there for thirteen weeks and eventually reaching number one, on 9 November 1968.

Alan Esdaile…. Delta Lady was a great track around this time.

Sarah Harvey….  I agree….really liked Delta Lady. Although Delta Lady was a Leon Russell song…. a copy of which I have still got on Vinyl.

Alan Wood… Yes,I was there for this one,loved margarine ..

Richard J Porter… His drummer, Peter Gavgin-Rowney is on FB, I speak to him virtually daily.

Peter Howard… I bought my Ovation Magnum Bass from a guy who used to drum with the Fortunes, and then went on to play Bass for Joe Cocker


Mick Mepham… Dooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Missed this too!

Jenny Tyler… I was there.

Andre Martin… What you have not mentioned was that his backing band was called ” the Grease Band” Remember this gig as it was when John Schofield [Strand Entertainments] was promoting on the Pier. Chances are that Kippington Lodge would have been the Supporting band – they were on the pier nearly everyweek. Great show on the Sunday with The Episode formerly Episode, Six they were always popular on the Pier and a great bunch to work with.

Mick O’Dowd… Would that have been after the Deep Purplers left Andre ?

John Storer… Back in those days, Joe recorded for Regal Zonophone records, along with Procol Harum, The Move and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Remember going to St Helen’s Youth Club (the one outside Ore Village, not the one further along The Ridge) and Marjorine, With A Little Help From My Friends, and Delta Lady were regularly on the record player. Think all of these artists moved to Fly Records when EMI shut down RZ as a label, as seem to remember having a sampler album with them all on. The first ever Fly release was “Ride A White Swan” by T Rex followed, I think, by The Move’s Brontosaurus. Audio Bully’s sampled “Marjorine” to great effect on their second album

Colin Bell… Andre is right in his assumption that the support band was Kippington Lodge that night, I was backstage doing some chores for Jon (Schofield) that day. And Mick, I remember talking to Roger Glover at the Episode gig, cant remember if Ian Gillan was present but think he was….my memory isn’t what it was!

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