Who remembers Graham Kerr The Galloping Gourmet?

Nick Prince… Yes, he ended up in very poor health from eating far too many of his own recipes…. didn’t he cook everything in butter or brandy? Lol

Chris Jolly… Floyd as well! Let’s have a little splash of wine, haha…

Nick Prince… Floyd just died of drink. It made great television though.

Jan Warren… He liked a drink!!

Heidi Snape… Oh wow! That has just taken me right back to my childhood! Loved watching it! X

Andre Martin… I was told that he served with the British Army at one time in The Army Catering Corps [ACC] and then later he moved to Canada. Those were the days when you did not wall to wall cooking programmes in the schedule and he was always a very flambount character.

Andy James Long… ‘a quick slurp’ was his catch phrase as I recall!

Will Cornell… He pronounced his name “Care”, right? Deborah pronounced it “Car”, and everyone else I know with the name, it’s “Cur”. Go figure.

Chris van Rock… Yes …. he promoted vegetarian health back when it was virtually unheard of , turning his back on his style of cooking on his tv program full of fats and creams and dairy…his beliefs were laughed at even by his producer wife who suffered from ill health in later life …. he was groundbreaking in healthy eating and veganism

Jonathan Mendenhall… I remember him on TV very well…I was only very young even then thought he was a bit too smarmy..use to grab someone out of the audience and he almost “oiled” every time he took a taste of his completed dish…one of those 1970 TV “gems..”

Carol Ann Bolton… He was SO annoying.

Gerry Fortsch… He liked a drink so he can’t have been all bad.

Tara Reddy… I used to watch this with my grandma and wish I was in the audience and that I would get picked to taste the food!! X

Kev Carleonis… Yep. I was a kid then.

Nick Webb… I have one of his books lol

Jenny Morgan… I remember him drinking a glass of wine and picking a woman from the audience to share his meal- what a flirt!! Great though..