Allan Lee and The Giants & The Electrones supplied by Nick Poulton

all photos supplied by Nick Poulton

Nick Poulton… Few pics of my father and uncle back in the early 60’s. My father was Alan Poulton known as Alan Lee, my uncle on guitar was John Grinstead both sadly no longer with us.

Mick Clarke… I was a member of a group also called The Electrones here in West Yorkshire in the early/mid 60’s.I played lead guitar and hence all the Shadows numbers. Alas, lack of money for better equipment was our downfall but I did once have a Futurama III



Bobby Sansom & The Giants – Hastings Pier 14th March 1964

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Terry Pack… I played with Bobby for a year or so (on and off) at the Top Rank Suite in Brighton 1982-83. He was a great singer and percussionist, and always had a great band.

John Ward… He was a standard Brighton performer. Saw him first in 1960 at the king Alfred . I think Tony Bach was his guitarist then , who later worked as Gean Coben & the Chimes. My old Buddy Chris Hunt played with him for a season , before going on to Leo Sayer . who he didnt like much . I expect he can add to this . Of you go Chris.