Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit & The Good Missionaries – Falaise Hall 26th January 1980

all photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Supplied by Clive Richardson

Ernest Ballard… That’s cheap ha ha

Willie Wicking… Was there great gig

Nigel Goodman… Remember going to that gig

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them on the pier. Support band’s entire set was them covering TV advert songs

Paul Forrest… ICU. Excellent band. Saw them several times in the early 80’s in and around Reading.

Led Eddie… Love me a bit of ICU

Dino Ferari… That’s meeee !!!!

Marc Appleton… I saw them play at Epsom Art College about then.

Cherry Rad… Cool


The Good Missionaries – P.P.Benefit Ball – The Carlisle 4th January 1980

supplied by John Gale

John Gale… Just found this, was a bit of a messy night I seem to remember

Alamo Leal… that brings me back..I remember vaguely about this one only..we done a few opening for Tich’s band too, the Roaring 80’s at that time. .I ended up playing gtr for his fantastic band some 5 years later in London, the YaYa’ of the greatest front man Tich is.

Unnormality Records and The Good Missionaries 1980

6. Jan 1980

Stuart Huggett… “I have thought of bringing bands down to play, people like The Fall, The Pop Group and Throbbing Gristle.”

Keith Rodway… I’d forgotten all about this! RIP Dave George.

Tony Ham… I’ve got the Good Missionaries Deranged In Hastings single, bought it from Mason’s Music.

Alan Esdaile… Looks like its worth around £20 now Tony.

Tony Ham… I was just about to say, I just looked it up on Discogs, think I paid about 20p.