The Grenadier Club or other – can you help? …

Johanna Banks…I would be pleased to hear from anyone that has a good memory of nightclubs in the late 1960’s. I am hoping to find someone that can recall a member of a private members club, possibly The Grenadier club, which was in the St. Leonards area. Due to privacy issues, I am happy for anyone with information to message me directly. I would be prepared to share more about my search that way as well, if appropriate. Thank you.

Alan Esdaile… Happy to pass on any information. Can anyone help ? but we probably need a bit more information Johanna .

Johanna Banks… thank you. I am hoping that someone who worked/attended the private clubs regularly may recall two friends (one was a doctor, not sure about the other) that were members in 1967/68. The were Sri Lankan Malaysians, which may or may not make them more memorable. Any pieces of info will be appreciated please, no matter how small. I’m happy to receive any genuine private message regarding this. Thanks again.

Jenny Power… Just went there a couple of times socially for a drink



Chasers and The Scheme – The Cobweb 7th Dec 1968


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Another one of those obscure bands I know nothing about.

Robert Searle… The Chasers from Chase Cross Romford Essex.

Alan Esdaile… I don’t remember them Sarah but thanks to the nudge from Robert I found this…

Robert Searle… Len Tuckey became Suzi Quatros lead guitarist in her backing band.

Pete Fisher… and they married in 1976