40 years of Ramones – in picture from The Guardian.


Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this


Pete Fisher… bought the first album and played it to death, much to the dismay of my hippy friends…saw them at the Roundhouse in Camden in June 1977, supported by Talking Heads…they played over 20 songs in about 35 minutes and then left the stage…they stopped briefly at one point and threatened to beat up anyone who continued to spit at /on them…they were real punks…

How many of these 70’s albums do you recognise?



Thanks to Yvonne Cleland for finding this.

Ralph Town…..12 from 15.Joni Mitchell,Chic and Joy Division would have done for me.

Philip Meston….I got 9!

Martyn Baker……14. I missed the Dire Straits cover.

Clifford Rose…..I got 14 out of 15. I had to guess on three of them!

Jane Hartley…..Pathetic 7

Andy Gunton….13

Alan Esdaile….13, I would have more wrong if it was not multiple choice.

John Storer….[Blows upon fingernails and polishes them on the lapel of his jacket]
15 out of 15!  (but then I have 13 of them in my collection – all bar Billy Joel and Miles Davis)