The Hollywood Killers – Lazybones Disco Hastings 28th October 1976

Phil Gill… I was there. The only time I got thrown out of a club and barred. There was an altercation, I tried to stop it and got thrown out. To be fair, my behaviour hadn’t been exactly perfect on other Thursday nights in the club, so it it was probably karma.

Terry Pack… There’s a slight chance that I was on this gig. I left the band at exactly this time.

Charlie Tumahai images wanted


Photo: Jean-Luc Massey Hall (?), Toronto, Oct. 22, 1977 Charlie Tumahai, Be-bop Deluxe

Angela Boyd… I’m doing archive research for a NZ feature documentary called “Herbs: Songs of Freedom”, about Charlie Tumahai’s band “Herbs”. I’m trying to track down any images or footage from some of Charlie’s earlier bands (Be-Bop Deluxe, The Hollywood Killers, Healing Force etc).

You can contact Angela at  or happy to pass on any information.

Dave Nattress… I’m pretty sure Angela would know this, but, just in case.  There are several You-tube films of Be-Bob Deluxe, some from Whistle Test.  Good old stuff as Be-Bop were a real favourite – still are etc. and I saw them live once at Eastbourne Congress.