Rock Night 4 – The Lost Boys and The Bombshells – Marina Pavilion 2nd April 1994


supplied by Pete Prescott

Alan Esdaile… Not sure if you went to see The Bombshells at this one Karen?

Karen Sweatman… To be honest I can’t remember. Saw them so often around that time both locally and used to travel to some venues in Kent too. Most times I was a wee bit tipsy! Becky used to pass the microphone to me and my mates to help with the backing vocals. She gave the microphone to me when they were playing a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ and I went to sing the really long ‘Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrnn’ and accidentally burped! Very embarrassing, but the Carlisle seemed to enjoy!

The Yelton Hotel – Hastings


The Yelton Hotel now The White Rock Hotel where we have our SMART coffee meets. Lots of bands used to play here.

Matt Thomas… I went in there today for a cuppa Alan and was well impressed.I havent been in there since the Yelton!!!!!!

Andre Martin… But don’t expect to catch any of these buses, the 99route still runs, but not this vehicle. but the others in shot, I expect have long gone to those bus routes in the sky

Andy Qunta… Many good memories of the Yelton! Didn’t know it’s now the White Rock Hotel!

Jim Breeds… Wha!t? Even the 157 (later the 457) route has gone? I’ve stayed at the White Rock a few times in the last few years when in town. Very nice. But the Jenny Lind is cheaper and has real ale, so that’s usually where we stay now 🙂

John Storer… I was last down a couple of years back and needed a hotel fast. The only place with vacancies was The White Rock Hotel. Having never heard of it, I asked for directions and realised where they were located. “Didn’t that used to be The Yelton?” I enquired, with some trepidation. “Yes”, said the receptionist, “but its changed a lot since then”. And, indeed, it had! Really nice hotel, very comfy rooms, and one of the best hotel cooked breakfasts I’d had for a long time.

Jim Breeds… The breakfasts are legendary. I think they get a mention on trip advisor

Nigel Ford… Michael Notley owned the Yelton (his surname backwards) aswell as a farm out at Magham down


supplied by Pete Prescott. The Lost Boys 1991

Eileen MacNaughtan… My mum and dad always wanted to stay at the yelton during the 1960s but couldn’t afford it. My husband and I booked in for a long weekend I think during the late 80s. We had a huge old dated room with a old bathroom, sea view on the first floor. Old fashioned luxury a glimpse of bygone days. We even parked in the car park at the rear and went in the back door.The dining room was large with old fashioned furniture. I’m glad I experienced this, in memory of my parent’s and the wonderful holidays they gave me. It was like stepping back in time.

Mick O’Dowd…Loved The Yelton with the live bands . There was also a great mix of “odd” people who seemed to be regulars. Great venue. Still is a nice venue for SMART

Peter Houghton… I used to work in the kitchens in the 70s and I remember they filmed a TV series using the kitchen. The people who owned it, their name was Notley

Onebloke1mandoline… Played there with a jazz band called Gemini. Liane Carroll was singing and playing piano back around ’82.

Julie Findlay-jones… Alan, I think that’s where your sister and I first tried brandy and babycham , great days x

Martin Carrington… Thought that the Knights owned it, Jenny and her son Steve

Carrie Downing-Waite Sawatzky… Had forgotten that was the Yelton

Patrick Lewis… Lovely photo

Robert Searle… Played there a few times with Centre Page and Foxy, loved it there.


The Lost Boys – About Time 2 cassette

Supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… I Remember being in Clive’s studio with him and Mick Burt mixing. Good days.

Sean Taylor… those were the days

Julian Deeprose… Probably the best fun I have ever had at gigs. What a band they were. Those times will never return unfortunately and if they did my liver wouldn’t handle it

Rock Night 2 – The Lost Boys, Jump The Gun, No Worries. Marina Pavilion 20th June 1992



poster & cutting supplied by Pete Prescott


supplied by Alan McCleave

Pete Prescott….that was a fun night, jump the gun were very good, dave woods was amazing and the place was packed. Probably the best time for the lost boys.we were twenty four years younger and at least that many stones lighter ! The place was always packed. I have a few of those nights on video.
I tried to appreciate The Lost Boys and those gigs. I knew it was never gonna be as good again. It was like a great big social club. So many people going mad. Brilliant times.
At the time there were 5 bands in the u.k.called The Lost Boys, we found that out when we registered the songs on the first tape we put out (remember cassettes!?)

Alan McCleave… Hastings rock night. Dave wood, ernie Ballard, joe rytlewski, Peter Prescott, Jez Gillette, mick burt + a host of others.

Redstar Richter… eek – played on stage with most of that lot!

Ernest Ballard… Hey hey. What a memory. My old rock band JUMP THE GUN. On a fab night gigging with the other rockers in Hastings. It was a bloody great night as I remember. Happy days. And when we all had hair!! X

Pete Prescott… Who fancies identifying them left to right !

Martyn Baker… I think you’re there Pete.

Andy Knight… I remember that night!

Nigel Polley… i was there

Steve Simpson… How weird. The singer from another band I played in now has a band called Jump The Gun.

Roland Groves… Saw Jump The Gun at Berties Bar in the early nineties.

Ernest Ballard… Cassettes yes they worked well. Just used to chew up. Then they were totally trashed. The gig was awesome. Didn’t we have some great times Pete. Happy memories

Martin Richter… nice line up 🙂 some faces there 🙂

Joe Knight… Great!!!

Rock Night 6 – The Hamsters plus The Lost Boys Marina Pavilion 20th April 1996



poster supplied by Pete Prescott

Jim Breeds… The Hamsters were very good. Shame they packed it in – I went to one of their last gigs. Think it may have been their very last gig.

Pete Prescott… I remember that gig well. They were not happy with us. We went on first, it was our crowd. A few hundred walked out after a few songs. Shame as they were a great band.

Rock Night 5 with The Lost Boys, The Bombshells and Huw Lloyd-Langton – Marina Pavilion 1st April 1995


supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… Remember this one well ! Beki sang with the Lost Boys. Mr Langton was on another planet and  had to be forced off stage. The Lost Boys had a good night !

Karen Sweatman… Beki and the Bombshells were absolutely brilliant. I spent many a happy evening boogieing with those guys. Fabulous memories 🙂

Pete Prescott… They were a great band. Wonderful days.

Martin Richter… before the Lost Boys lost their hair !

Tony Court-holmes… still got mine and its getting longer

Tony Hughes… Yep Mr Prescott what an amazing front man

The Lost Boys reunion – The Carlisle Hastings. Saturday 25th May 2019

and from 1996…

Ernest Ballard… Crickey. The mature boys !

Andy James Long… Since it’s a reunion, after a fair while, would it be fair to to say you were now the found men?

Pete Prescott… Nah ! Lost the plot !

Ernest Ballard… I’m gutted to miss this gig as I’ll be at Goodwood Race course. Hope to see some video later and pics

The Lost Boys gig poster and Christmas Charity Rock Night 1994

lost boys gig poster lost boys 1994

supplied by Pete Prescott

Ernest Ballard… I think who mucked the funky was John Cheese’s band from Bexhill.

Alan Esdaile… I think they did Pink Floyd covers, Ernest?

Ernest Ballard… I remember them doing Comfortably Numb yes

Pete Prescott… Good gig as I remember.