Hayloft Fairlight Cove Hotel – Orange Blossom Sound 1st Dec 1973 and Dave Holt Swingtet from 18th October 74



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..Does anyone remember The Hayloft folk and Jazz Clubs in Fairlight? Oct 74 and Dec 73.

Gary Kinch… Dave sadly passed away last year. A good bloke, friend and Squash opponent. I first became aware of the Hayloft back in the 70’s because of the Jazz sessions organised by Dave. We thought it a nice place so we decided to have our wedding reception there. Dave also arranged the Jazz evenings upstairs at Mr Cherrys later in the 70’s. Saw Pete Allens Jazz Band there. A memorable gig. Dave also recommended the best place for a holiday on the Med, we have since been back 9 times. A man with extremely discerning tastes.

The Mariners LP – Best Of Folk 1975

The Mariners LP. 1975. supplied by Tony Davies.

Tony says…Here is a photo of the ” Mariners” album, I have two copies, one original and the other is a rewrite, they were the resident group at the Blackhorse. When they split up Brian Boru, Telham Tinkers, and Plum Duff were formed from members of the group.”



Jim Breeds… I still have my copy of this album and knew most of them well. I was a regular at the Black Horse and Fairlight Cove Hayloft. Garry lived next door to some good friends (the Chaineys) in Churchill Avenue. I was at school with George (or were we in the scouts together? Memory fade).”   Sleeve notes by Shirley Collins!

George Copeland… It was the Scouts Jim. Gang Show? Brian Chainey introduced Garry to the Mariners and probably folk generally. Members of the Mariners also turned up in the Catsfield Steamers, Better Days and many more…..I still have the ‘LP’ too!

Jim Breeds… Good to hear from George! Yes, the mate of mine in Churchill Avenue was Brian. Hoping to run into him again some day.

Phil … Happy memories of smoke filled room at the Black Horse, Telham in the seventies where The Mariners were frequently playing. Got the album recently and enjoy singing along to John and Ian.

The Mariners – rear cover photo 1975


supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… This is from the rear cover of their 1975 album “The Best of Folk. Sleeve notes by Shirley Collins, another Hastings musician. The Mariners were (With where they are in the photo for the ones I can be sure I have matched names to faces properly): John Towner (2nd from left), George Copeland (3rd from left), Ted Bishop, Michael Verrall, Geoff Marchant, and Garry Blakely (2nd from right). Garry lived next door to a good friend of mine (Brian Chainey, who had something to do with Mad Jack’s Morris at some point) and George and I were in the scouts together.