The Marquee Club London – programme July 1970


supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… I was so lucky to get to see Taste at the Marquee in January that year…also saw quite a few of these bands on Hastings Pier in the early 70s…

Andy Qunta… Those really were the days! Just look at that list of bands!

Alan Esdaile… Another great find Pete. Saw Custers Track at The Witch Doctor.

Alan Pepper… Wow ! All in just one month . Would love to have been around then. Saw Slade a couple of years after this when they had hit the big-time . Still playing loud !!

Jan Warren… Wow, some really great bands there and all just in one month at the Marquee, where of course so many great bands played in the 60s and 70s!!

Rusty Butler – The Marquee November 1973


Supplied by Colin Norton

Colin Norton… Rusty Butler at the Marquee in London in November, 1973. It seems a lifetime ago now, maybe because it was 🙂 Top left: Dave Greenfield – Keyboards, Top right: Tony Savva – Vocals, Bottom left: Eddie Renouf – Lead Guitar, Bottom right: Colin Norton – Drums and Dave Poxon – Bass Guitar.