Stallion – Hastings Pier 28th June 1975

Phil Gill… Well, at least I know where I was 43 years ago, even if I can’t remember being there. I think we went up to 70p a ticket the following year…

John Wilde… could this have been my debut with Stallion?

Phil Gill… Can’t be 100% sure because I think you joined in the May, but it might have been your debut.

West Coast Consortium and The Millionaires – Hastings Pier, Soul Committee and Extreme Sound – The Cobweb. 12th October 1968.


west coast consortium


Ads supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day October 12th, 1968. A Choice of music at two venues in the town.

Alan Esdaile… I wonder if The Steamhammer is the same one that played the pier and did Juniors Wailing?

Barry Taylor… Yes Alan, I was there but don’t remember much!