The Mobiles – Long Time 1982 & chat




supplied by Bertie Wiseman

The Mobiles featured David Blundell, Chris Downton,  Russ Madge,  Anna Maria,  Eddie Smithson,  John Smithson

Nick Prince… Who remembers The Mobiles, who were based in Eastbourne. The bands members came from Hastings, Eastbourne and Bexhill. I distinctly remember Anna Maria, the lead singer came from Ore. They had two hits, Drowning in Berlin, and Amour Amour, having been doing the local pub circuit for a while. Did anyone on here see them?

Mark Randall… Only on TOTP with a Bowie at Victoria Station stylee salute

Henry Mann… She used to live just round the corner from me. Big surprise to see her on TOTP.

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The Mobiles – Drowning In Berlin autographs 1982

supplied by Pete Houghton

Alan Esdaile… Used to see The Mobiles at The Chatsworth Hotel and they were good.

Matt Thomas.. I worked with the singers brother ‘Matt Garrett’ at Masons.

Marky Mark… played that on my show this morning cracking tune..

Malcolm Sharp… I worked in a garage in bexhill and hastings, had 4 outlets, one day one of the lads said “thats the girl from the mobiles”, i went “ahh dont they hang over cots and prams” he was trying to explain they were a group, she went out perterbed cos i didnt know, me i said im not in berlin and i aint drowning,.told him my mum and dad were married to his reply.

The Mobiles – 1988-89





photos supplied by Neil Cartwright 

Anna, Russ, Chris, Neil & Garry in the background.

Neil Cartwright… I was lucky enough to play a number of ‘Showcase’ gigs with them in 1988-89. The line-up was Chris, Russ and Anna, with Garry King on drums.

Tony May…. Great pics Neil. I played ‘Drowning In Berlin’ on my ipod today and it still sounds as innovative and imaginative as ever. I really liked ‘Your Not Alone’ as well but it made no impression as a single.

Matt Thomas… Her brother Matt was my first manager at Masons Music

Garry King… Wow great to see this after all these years, good times indeed

Harry Randall… They used to rehearse out at Crowhurst

The Mobiles – feature – Hastings Town Magazine July 2015

img165 img159

supplied by Tony May

The Mobiles in the new July 2015 Hastings Town Magazine.
A two page feature on The Mobiles by Tony May in the new Hastings Town Magazine. Thanks to Tony for giving SMART a plug and a number of people here are mentioned.

Helen Downton… Hi, I read the article by Tony May in the Hastings Town magazine about The Mobiles with interest today. Its always nice to see articles etc.. about them still. One small point! Chris Brambleby was a drummer in The Mobiles for a short period of time before their success. It was to Russ Madge and Chris Downton that Anna Maria was introduced by Tim Phillips. It was also Chris Downton who played in The Mobiles from 1980 until 1983 and then when they briefly reformed from 1988 to 1989. It was Chris Downton who was in the Beez Neez. I know this as I am married to Chris Downton! We are in regular contact with Tim Phillips, Russ Madge, David Blundell (who was the bass player of The Mobiles) and Tony Norman (manager of the band). Chris is the only one now living local to Hastings.

Tim Phillips… I haven’t got a copy but it sounds as though the wrong Chris has been named as the Mobiles guitarist. I have been informed by the right Chris’s (Chris Downton) wife lol. I think that the Chris mentioned in the article (can’t remember his surname) was a drummer who played in a band pre Mobiles.

Tony May… Hi Helen/Tim Many thanks for your posts. Most of the information I used in the article I either knew from personal experience or gathered from other people’s post here or from the net. Its easy to get wires crossed -especially when gathering information on two musicians with the same first name – so I probably got my info mixed up. I hope both of the Chris’ will accept my apology for the mix up – as an amateur recording artist myself I know how irritating it can be when you don’t get the credit you deserve – but hopefully the fact that i cared enough about the band and its history will serve as a consolation to you both. I never did hear back from either Anna Maria or Russ Madge…

Tim Phillips… Hello Antony. I can quite understand how wires can get crossed specially when you’re trying to write an article about a band that ceased to exist more than 30 years ago. It is good that you are interested enough to write an article about the band.

Helen Downton… Thanks Antony. Easy mistake! Chris appreciates your interest even though it all happened such a long time ago. It’s great that people are still interested.

Neil Cartwright… Very small point: it was Garry King (drums) and myself (bass) who played the showcase gigs 1988-89, and it was Chris Downton (lovely player) who tutored me through the basslines. We practiced at Clive’s studio and at a village hall in Pevensey.

Tim Phillips… Talk of The Mobiles has brought back many memories so I dug out this photo of a very young yours truly & an even younger Anna Maria.