The Musical Starlings in The Deck memories rooms Hastings Pier by Phil Gill

musical starlings

This is perfect, well done to Phil Gill.

Robert Searle… Really nice Phil

Allyson Breeds… They flew back yesterday 🙂 I had never been on the pier until the shareholders AGM last year, Madness yesterday were the first band I had seen. That quote still made me tearful yesterday!

Jo Turner…  Indeed they did fly back yesterday. Beautiful.

Alan Esdaile… makes me tearful as well Allyson. Reminds me of special friends I have lost.

Nigel Sherwood… Wonderful words !

Peter Fairless… Perfect

Tony Davis… Nice sentiments Phil, really brought a lump to my throat. So great to see a phoenix rise from the ashes and have live music on our pier again. I say bring it on!!!!!!

Andy Gunton… Nice words Phil. I didn’t see any starlings flying back last night, but the musical notes sure made a very welcome reappearance.

Dave Nattress… Love it Phil – Great stuff – spot on too! After a history of so many bands and so much great music on the pier – another great era has just begun and hopefully many more notes will come back soon.

Jeanette Jones… Poetry in motion.

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff Phil.

Yvonne Cleland… Nice writing, Phil.

Perri Ann Haste… Lovely words

Chris Leek…   I agree Tony it’s been far too long. Very proud to be a Hastonian just now…people power just love it.

Caz Simpson… Wonderful

Peter Thomson… Classic Phil. That will stay with me as long as all those notes…

Liane Carroll… Beautiful musing by Phil Gill about Hastings Pier. Lovely x x x x x

Iain Cobby… Nice one Phil; my mother and father worked on the pier for many years, spent my teenage years there, saw may bands and was fortunate to play there. The Phoenix rises…………