Lady Sings The Blues film starring Diana Ross. 4th December 1974

lady sings 1974

diana ross

Came out a couple of years earlier but was shown at The Orion on December 4th 1974.

Mike Mitchell… Mind you, the other film is more the usual fare of The Orion as I recall. As a youngster it was a real thrill looking at the film stills on the walls up the stairway should they ever have a U rated film to see

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine. The Orion 30th August 1971.

yellow submarine film 30th aug 1971

Peter Fairless… Never mind all that… Paint Your Wagon is on!

Michael Wilson… I remember going to see ‘Paint your wagon’ at the Classic cinemas in Western Road, Bexhill.

Jim Breeds… I have the 7″ single of this. Gawd knows why. Think I might have bought it for my Dad. B side is Clint Eastwood, I Talk To The Trees. Message to Clint: The trees are still not listening to you chum!

Julie Morris… Was this the ‘fleapit’?!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Julie The Orion was also known as the fleapit.

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to work here.

Chris Giles… I went to see Yellow Submarine there…

Tony Court-holmes… went there a few times