The Witch Doctor Poster – The Preachers, The Confederates, Geno Washington, The Vultures, June 1965

flyer supplied by Pete Millington.  

Photo of The Preachers © Bruno Ceriotti

Mick O’Dowd… Geno! Geno! Geno! Brilliant!

Carol Arnold… saw them on the pier !

Joe Knight… Use to go to the other one at CATFORD LONDON

Pete Millington… Been there too Joe – Think this was Christmas Eve 1965


supplied by Pete Millington

Alan Wood… Saw them at pilot field

Alan Esdaile… The Preachers featured a young Peter Frampton.


David Muriel 21st party at the Pam Dor Hastings invite

The Preachers photo © Bruno Ceriotti

David Muriel invite card for his 21st birthday party which was held at The Pam Dor in Hastings and the band that performed was The Preachers which featured Peter Frampton and original drummer of The Rolling Stones Tony Chapman.

Nadia Compagnone… I would to know what year this was.

Peter Millington… it’s on the poster – 1965!

Lloyd Johnson… I think this would have been June 1965 as they played Dave’s birthday party at The Pamdor ‘Take Five’ club upstairs from the main coffee bar the day before their gig at The Witchdoctor….The club was on the 2nd floor ,2 floors above Hepworth’s in Queens road. Halfway through the set there was knocking on the 2nd floor Clubs blacked out window.I told Les Martin R.I.P. who managed The Club and he gently opened the window and there was Johnny Blackman who worked at KEPS Casuals ( the best clothes shop in Hastings at the time). He had been banging on the street level glass door but couldn’t make anyone hear 2 floors above so made the decision to climb the drainpipe….What a laugh!…. I’ve just found the poster image for The Witchdoctor gig so they played The Pamdor /Take 5 Club Dave’s birthday party the same weekend with Peter Frame in the band. Pete Millington/ The Confederates we’re the support band at The Witchdoctor gig…