Hastings Rock FM radio – back on 4th May 2019

Nigel Goodman… Ace can’t wait

Robert Searle… Fantastic

Janet Rennie… Yay

Robin Mayhew… My name is Robin Mayhew I had a rock band in the 60s called The Presidents signed to Decca Records and released a single Let the Sun Shine In with the ‘B’ side Candy Man and in June last year on a compilation by Ace Records a track titled She Said Yeah which was recorded in 1965 and somehow lost for 53 years!. I managed to get all the band back together and make a video for YouTube which was great fun. I was a music professional in the 1970s and worked with many top acts of the decade starting with the whole of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust project engineering concert sound. I gave up touring in 1980 and have been doing a variety of things since then and at 78 have now retired and got back into my great love which is music and produced my own album CD of original songs which is titled Shallow and Deeper and I will release it in May this year. Any chance of a play for She Said Yeah or a track or two from my album.

more information… https://www.spiritfm.net/news/sussex-news/2649113/the-west-sussex-band-with-a-combined-age-of-380-making-a-comeback/

Have passed on the information to Sarah Harvey at Hastings Rock

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Fabulous…you must give them air time xx