The Pullbacks – Pete Prescott & Chris Sambrook – The Carlisle Hastings


photo: Pete Prescott

The band were called ‘The Pullbacks’ and had Joe Rytlewski on guitar and Martin Richter on bass.

Tony Qunta….The drummer from the first proper band I was in in Hastings with Andy Q!

Pete Prescott….i could get radio 4 on that haircut.its outside the carlisle around 1990/91 its Chris and Joe rytlewski was on guitar.i was passing and invited up to sing (probably) natural born woman.we were also joined by Richard (not sure of his 2nd name) the drummer of caravan.he was the landlord of a pub the lost boys played at in ashford.nice guy.good drummer.i used to love watching Chris play.he always put so much into his playing.

Yvonne Cleland…Phil Little was the drummer after Chris. Jez Gillett used to do vocals and keyboard for the Pullbacks when he didn’t have a gig with the Lost Boys.

Royal Sussex Arms – December 1994, Revelation, Mosaic, The Pullbacks.


supplied by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files.

Mick O’Dowd… Isn’t that the chemists now?

Alan Esdaile… Yes that’s right Mick. Used to go in the pub after The Round Table Youth Club. Probably a glass of scruppy cider between six people!

Mick O’Dowd… Now you can go in the chemist for pain relief for the hangover!

The Pullbacks – more photos


img623 img625 img621img673

supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Redstar Richter……ernie on the tubs?  a great pick – what are my fingers doing? I think I was looking at the book and trying to find “C”. Bernie Edwards made several million with this bass technique – he did it a bit better than my “ker-chunk-ker-chunk”

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman (last photo)… The guy on the right used to jive with his wife at all the gigs they went to. Loved watching them

Kev Towner… I remember them. She Was Jackie I think. Graham…?

Redstar Richter (last photo)… sussex arms?

The Pullbacks – various photos


img597     img598

img610 img609 img608 img611

all photos Phil Little

Joe Rytlewski, Jez Gillett, Phil Little, Martin Redstar Richter.

Redstar Richter……gem s2 – nice kit jez 🙂

John Wilde…..Joe you are so fucking cool!

Redstar Richter…..john – you obviously weren`t in his band 🙂

Peter Pursglove (comments on Redstar Richter photo)…..Big Guitar foor a little ole lad he he.

Redstar Richter….I`ll grow into it!

John Mcewen…..Top band. Still miss hearing “The Story of the Blue’s”. !