The Record Shop Hastings photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo: Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Matt Thomas… Can’t see George Benson

Danny Howells… Matt, my first thoughts too. Either he’s out of shot or this was taken pre-Benson. Oh yeah check the car, defo pre-Benson.

Matt Thomas… George Benson came from us over in Masons Music, one of our promo displays that Jack took a liking to lol

Alan Esdaile… We thought it was more for his customers than ours and I think it must have been in his window for over 10 years!

Nadia Compagnone… Worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road in 1977. Such lovely people who worked in the shops, and customers. Great times.

Paul Foster… Loved it

Jane Collins… Ah. The record shop. Memories!

Heidi Millett… Jack and Sonia London owned it

Jacky Mattelaer.. Heidi, my godparents

Andre Clifton…

Laura Valentine… My mums godparents owned the shop. Remember them very fondly

Audrey Huggins… Remember them both lovely couple

Vince Ray… Wow, Sewing Centre is still next door

Caroline Gurden… My brother Steve loved this shop and made me order really obscure records as Christmas presents!

Kevin Carlyon… Remember it well.

Roger Simmonds… Remember it well !

Ian Cramp… Loved this place in the 70’s

John Mcewen… Bought my first record in there. Space Oddity.

Polly Okeefe-Brookes… Happy days.x

Alan Mitchell… Yes I remember this shop weIl good Albums. Also had A Doctor further up the road

Marilyn Haddock… Bought my first records there and we were allowed to listen to them before we bought them.

Tina Whiting… I lived at the top of that hill. Used to go to the record shop & see the man & lady, remember them well.

Carol Collinson…. This was my dad’s friend’s shop, owned by Jack London. X

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers the pilot pub that was on the other corner? it sold lots of cider

Keith Veness… Tony, Yes I remember the pub



More of The Monkees – The Record Shop Hastings April 1967

Number one album in the UK 15th April 1967

Pauline Richards… Loved them. Used to rush home from school to watch their tv programme!

Dave Nattress… I did buy this – also the first – not played for many years. Gonna dust it off and it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about it. Of course, The Monkees as a product of Americana and a bugeoning TV and music industry were much hyped, but a situation sort of, of it’s time, lots of that going on with some UK pop bands also, but, lets be serious, some bands and albums needed promotion by one means or another. It is what it is – it was what it was!

The Record Shop Christmas advert – December 1971

Pauline Richards… Wasn’t that Jack London?

Nick Prince… Loved Jack and Sonia London. Such a fantastic couple. Many evenings spent round theirs or them round mine having an evening showing home made cine-films to each other. Great memories.

Dennis Atkinson… Decimal currency but the ad looks so dated ? Roughly what year was this?

Peter Fairless… I’ll guess, 1971

Dave Nattress… Always visited when in Hastings – a must. How about advertising parking in Stone Street!! Can anyone park anywhere close to their intended destination any more – don’t think so. Using the legs is good stuff, this said, but parking the jam jar these days anywhere? Enough said.

Jack & Sonia London – The Record Shop Photos from Tony May





all photos Tony May

Tony May… I’ve managed to find the photos of Jack & Sonia London I promised to look for. With LP’s coming back I wonder what Jack & Sonia would have to say. Such a nice couple and they gave us 44 years of faithful service…

Phil Gill… Wonderful couple, lovely photos. Always a joy to visit their shop.

Peter Fairless… Brilliant, Tony! Brings back many memories, as Phil just said, it was – never knew what Jack was going to suggest I listen to next!

Andrew Clifton… Very nice Tony. Shame they never had children to carry on with the shop.

Phil Gill… Always remember going into the booth with a couple of 13 year old friends to listen to Thunderclap Newman’s Something in the Air. He knew we didn’t have any money to buy it, but he still played it for us. And when Hey Jude was released as the first single on Apple, he had a box of apples and gave away a free one with every copy he sold. Diamond geezer.

Alan Esdaile… Wonderful. Thanks for posting Tony.

Jon McCallion… Brilliant place so many hours spent there

Alan Esdaile… Great to see Abrahams in the background and the rack of Steam records.

Alan Pepper… Yes what a great man he was always time for any customer ! Thought I knew a lot but he was something else . He would reel off the catalogue number and everything. Jazz in particular. Fab memories. Thank you. TAKE ME BACK TO THAT SHOP!!

Mick O’Dowd… The real Gent of record shop owners. Never be able to replace these.

Cliff Wootton… Fantastic. So nice to have pictures of Jack & Sonia. They were close friends of Mum & Dad and always had time for their customers. Happy memories of hours spent chatting to Jack about records.

Eugene Hughes… Omg. I remember The Record Shop so well and the Fab Boutique over the road. Then it became Two Plus One in Havelock Rd. I understand Brian Fisher is still going well and living in Westfield.

supplied by Andre Martin



The Record Shop – Advert 1967


advert from The Priory Magazine(Priory Road School) 1967.

Alan Esdaile….Interestingly the Record Shop advertised in all the copies I have but nothing from The Disc Jockey. This maybe due to the fact that when I worked in the cake & tuck shop at school, the reward apart from broken jammy dodgers and split bags of crisps, they always gave you a Record Shop record token at the end of the year.

Mick Hymans…..I believe that Jack and Sonia London also had a passion for railways and took much cine film. As they have sadly now passed on, does anybody know if they had any offspring that would have inherited their films. Thank you