2nd August 1969 – The Late Hastings Pier and Toast at The Cobweb



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… A choice of music on this day in 1969. The Late on the Pier and Toast at the Cobweb.

Andre Martin… The Road, were a local Band but I have no knowledge or memories of the Go Go Dancers on the Thursday Night. I cannot think why anybody would try and run against such a strong show at that with Steve Maxted at the Cobweb, it does not make any business logic.

Nicola Dobson… These were my years at the Cobweb loved it there! Summer of 69 first summer out of school!

The Road – Cinema Hailsham 1970


supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Roy Sanderson, Ray Harper, Bob Aylwood on drums, Tony Kenward and Colin Fox.

Geoff Peckham…..I can’t recall this band, but remember playing an interesting gig at a cinema in Hailsham in 1970 with Min. It must have been this place. Can anyone tell me more about it?

Colin Fox….Geoff, try this site: http://www.pavilionhailsham.co.uk/history.pdf

Robert Searle… Geoff Peckham Didn’t you support us there?

Geoff Peckham… Quite likely, Bob. All I can remember of the gig is a weird light show, and a seemingly stoned audience gazing at us and occasionally laughing. Then I noticed that old silent movies were being projected onto a screen behind us!

Robert Searle… It’s a lovely place now, had some good bands here. I’ve seen Fairport Convention, Dylan Project,Albion Band, and Albert Lee who I’m going to see again in May,and Paul Jones and Dave Kelly.

The Road – 1970’s



Supplied by Trevor Spears & Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present.

Bob Aylwood, Trevor Spears, Roy Sanderson, Tony Kenward.

Colin Fox…..I think this was around 1970, as that is when Trevor left and I joined. I have a photo of a gig at Hailsham cinema when Trevor did the first set and left, and I did the second set.


supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…..My second gig with ROAD at Westham community centre 1970. L to R: Ray Harper, Tony Kenward at the back, Roy Sanderson in front, Colin Fox and Bob Aylewood.

Andre Martin…..Did Roy ever smile ?  Knew him well when he played with Trev Spears back in time………………..

Colin Fox…..Roy had a great dry sense of humour and laughed a lot, but he thought it was cool to look moody lol