Small Faces – Hastings Pier Sunday Club 3rd September 1967


small faces

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Alan Esdaile… Some great tracks from The Small Faces, love Tin Soldier but Afterglow is excellent and hardly gets played now….

Alan Pepper… Wow !! Bet that was a fantastic gig . In their heyday they were one of the best . Loved to have seen it . Shame closing time was eleven o clock ! What happened afterwards couldn’t go on from there surely ? Or where there places to go !?!

Peter Fairless… Who could we ask, Andre?

Mick O’Dowd… All or Nothing. I agree with Alan Esdaile that his is a good choice too. For all Zep fans there is always “I Need Love”.

Pat Dargan… Claim to fame. Had a beer with Steve Marriot before the show in the bar.

Glynis Phillips… Loved The Small Faces.

Gerry Fortsch… I was there, good and loud with a tiny PA system.

Terry Corder… It was on a Sunday. Nothing happened all day!

Sandie Carlyon… Loved the Small Faces.

Lloyd Johnson… Probably the gig where Peter Boutwood won the Stevie Marriott lookalike competition…

Maureen Anderson… I remember this, went with a friend from school, wheres the time gone

Hilary James… I was there brilliant used to walk home afterwards with a crowd of friends no nowhere to go afterwards!

Robin Ford… I remember Steve Mariott’s Moments at the Witch Doctor before his Small Faces and Humble Pie fame. Fantastic performer. I recall that at the beginning of their set after a few bars the keyboard player leapt out on stage screaming wildly.

Micky Erends … I was there on the night at the pier, saw loads of groups there and Steve Marriot was one of the best, such a powerful voice

David Edwards… Powerful voice and no slouch on guitar either.