The Stranglers – Hastings Pier 26th March 1977

supplied by Neil William Michael McGuigan

Jacquie Ballard… I was there great night. I got a badge.

Alan Esdaile… Was it Tom Robinson supporting Neil? as I think it was originally advertised as Eater?

Neil William Michael McGuigan… trouble is I honestly can’t remember

Peter Fairless… The support was Eater, not TRB

Paul Gray… I didn’t realise they played the Pier twice. I saw them supported by The Dictators.

Neil William Michael McGuigan… Get your old posters out. From Pier 1977, so I put this on ebay- and it sold for £1830 today.

Pete Fairless… …and Neil is kindly going to pledge some of his profit to the FOHP bid to save the pier – what a nice guy!

Sandy Max… Damn I wish I’d kept them!

 Virginia Davis… I was thinking the same

Alan Batty… Rattan Norvegicus was originally going to be called dead on arrival….any link?

Jan Warren… Hhmm, not sure, “Rattus Norvegicus” simply means “Brown Rat” but “Dead on Arrival” would be a suitable title for a Stranglers album, I LOVE The Stranglers!! and how brilliant to get such a price for a poster?!! – no wonder I keep so much “junk” ……. always hoping it might be worth something??!!

Jeff Harris…Hi all, just been lurking here and thought you might be interested in the true story around this poster…In 1977 I was an art student at Eastbourne Art College, when a colleague of mine was asked by a promoter friend to design a poster for a new punk band who were about to release their first album (The Stranglers) and then go on tour. At this point the album title was going to be ‘Dead on Arrival’. Hence the image of someone being kidnapped/strangled. The designer asked me to be the model for the poster. Sadly they changed the album title before any other shows, so this is a bit of a rarity and probably the only evidence of the albums original planned title.

Medicine Head – Hastings Pier 12th March 1977


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day in 1977. The Pier Ballroom opens its doors for the first time after extensive re-decorations with Medicine Head.

Jim Breeds… March 26th – Stranglers! I was at that one.

Peter Fairless… Getting ahead of ourselves… get a grip, Jim!

Andre Martin… Yes calm down, just because the sun is out – Were English don’t do things like this !!

Jim Breeds… I’m just Hanging Around …

Alan Esdaile… What is bizarre is Medicine Head played the pier on the 12th March 1976 and again on the 12th March 1977.


supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy Qunta… Definitely ’76, Factory wasn’t going in ’77. Going again now though!

Alan Esdaile… The Stranglers also performed on the 29th Oct 1977.




Dave Greenfield – The Stranglers keyboard player dies

photo: Stranglers French forum – in concert with the Stranglers – Paris, Olympia – 13th april 2012

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Simon Page… Such a shame. I was only talking about Dave with a friend a few days ago and he told me a nice story about Dave. My friend was at a Stranglers gig and used to try to tape the gigs (only for himself, not for bootlegging!) He said that Dave put the cassette recorder right by his keyboard and recorded the gig for my friend.

Edge St Leonards… Sad, down on the beach’s dude RIP another over the edge, but no forgotten RIPX. Yes brothers and sisters stay strong well get there on the other side x

Michael Wilson… Such sad news. The Stranglers music has been with me since I was 14 back in 1977. I first saw them at the Top Rank Brighton back in 1980.

Malcolm Sharp… Golden brown. One of the great songs, r i p

Ralph Town… Still love Feline.Really great album.


The Stranglers plus The Dictators – Hastings Pier 29th October 1977



ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell


Yvonne Cleland… Yeah, I got to see the Stranglers

Pete Fairless.. This was their second gig on the pier that year. It was packed because they were famous by then! They played previously in March I think, to about 50 people.

Virginia Davis… I went to both gigs. Weren’t The Jam a replacement for Eddie and the Hot Rods? Would of been great if they had returned for a second time.

Jan Warren… Yeah, love The Stranglers, got loads of their albums!! 🙂 – saw them “live” at Hammersmith in the early 80s!! Brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… I was at that one.

Paul Gray… Yep! Was my 1st ever gig.  It was. Ears ringing for a week!

Nigel Goodman… Fantastic Gig – the first rock gig I ever went too both bands were amazing.

Andy Gunton… I saw them on that tour in Liverpool.

Jo Turner… Yup was there too

John Coleman… I was there!!!!!!

Nigel Goodman… Remember it well

Alan Pepper… I was there ! Don’t remember Dictators though . Great live act that’s for sure. It must have been the second appearance because remember it was heaving !!!

Nigel Goodman… Dictators were brilliant

Anne Deuce… I was there and remember the Dictators too! I was at the first Stranglers before they were ‘famous’ as well!

Ralph Town… I was there. Very good gig. But only a handful of people, watched them earlier in the year when they were there as support act.

Sandie Carlyon… Great night.

Mick Burt… I was there and remember both bands (to young to drink)

Hastings Pier ad Jim Capaldi 22nd October 1977 – not a good week for spelling!

Beki Milton… Stanglers

Peter Fairless… They didn’t have spell check then, though!

Michael Wilson… I wonder ‘What ever Happened To’ the Stanglers

Jane Hartley… I’ve heard of Jim Capaldi but not Cabaldi!

Chris Jolly… Must be Gari baldi’s brother!

Andy Qunta…  I notice Pot Black managed to get his name spelt right!

Chris Jolly… More luck pot luck I would think!

Stuart Huggett… The Stanglers: almost as good as Siouxsie & The Bashees or The Damed.