The Sweet – Hastings Pier 31st Dec 1971




supplied by  Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Chris Giles….Saw Sweet at the Aquarius was surprised and quite pleased that they did a lot of rock numbers

Alan Esdaile….I also saw them at the Aquarius Chris and we were packed in like sardines. They always did some good rock ‘b’ sides, one of the best was ‘done me wrong alright’.

Mick Mepham….Sweet were always a rock band first and a pop band second.

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… Saw a band called the Wandering Crutchlees down the Crypt in the early nineties. Two ex members of Sweet. At the end of the gig, they called out to the audience for requests. Don’t think they were expecting me to shout out ‘Poppa Joe’ and they fell about laughing. They decided to do Ballroom Blitz instead!

Kev Towner… I was a big Sweet fan – but I was only 9 in 1971!! I’ve still got the vast majority of The Sweet’s singles on vinyl. The albums seem more difficult to track down.

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… Beat you. I was only 1! But I’m sure I was dribbling along with the best of them. I also saw The Sweet with Mud at the White Rock a few years ago. Half the audience were obviously reliving their teenage years and the other half were about my age (early twenties at the time) seeing what we had missed. Great party night.

Jane Hartley… I saw them at the Aquarius!

Nicola Dobson… I  was 17!

Matt Thomas… I was working behind the bar at The White Rock when they appeared around 1989/90 sadly they had all seen better days lol

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… wasn’t a good turnout only a handful of peps & they wasn’t that good.

Tim Elms… I saw Sweet at the Aquarius the week they went to no 1 with Blockbuster, fantastic night. I worked there behind the bar but this was a night off. Much of their set was rock although I suspect many in the the audience where there for the pop. I seem to remember they finished on Blockbuster, the house went wild. The manager told me he enquired about re-booking Sweet but they were now way too expensive for a small venue. The group asked for a six foot safety area between the stage and the audience but were persuaded it was not necessary in sleepy Hastings. Instead, a large friendly doorman (can’t remember his name) stood centre front of the stage watching the crowd. A weird image that has stayed with me!

Andre Martin… OMG another good night on the Pier – playing to 2.00am !!!!!

Jan Warren… Loved The Sweet. I remember most of their “b-sides” of the singles were good rock music!! They “cleverly” put out the pop music to get in the charts, but us rock fans always listened to the b-sides ……… just listening to a SWEET cd now and I remember “Burning” was one of my fave b-sides, yeeee Haaa!!!

Janet Cruttenden… I went to see them recently at del la warr bexhil

Sue Goddard…me too, what a great night.

Monsters of Glam Rock Sweet and Mud – tour programme – White Rock Theatre Hastings 1990’s

Supplied by Colin Bell

Anyone remember this, or the year? Colin thinks The Glitter Band were also on the bill.

Matt Thomas… 91 or 92 I was in the Yelton sitting next to Les Gray.

Ian Mantell… it was just Sweet and Mud, Brian Connolly was in a bad way but his voice was still strong. A clue to the date is the use of the expression “Brian Connolly’s Sweet” he and Andy Scott had been in dispute over the name and so agreed to identify which band was playing in the early 90’s

Karen Sweatman… I was there dancing like a prat! Think it was around 91. You might be interested to know around 1990 I saw a band at The Crypt called The Wandering Crutchless with two ex members of Sweet in. They were brilliant

Jan Warren… Sweet are playing at The dlwp, Bexhill on The 21st December!

Ralph Town… I think the story of Sweet Mk1 is one of the saddest in music.

Decades The Sweet in the 70s – by Darren Johnson coming shortly

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Iain Cobby… fantastic band, saw them on Hastings Pier back in the 70’s, what a crew. No pop hits but pure heavy metal . not many in the audience but wow! Thats how I will remember them ………..

Darren Johnson… was that the 1971 New Year’s Eve gig? It gets a (very) brief mention in the book, if so!

Alan Esdaile… yes it would be 31st December 1971


Steve Priest from Sweet R.I.P.


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Andy Qunta… Sorry to hear this. Saw him play in LA last year. A friend sang with him in a version of Sweet.

Karen Sweatman… Feel really sad about this. Loved Sweet. RIP

Colin Bell… That’s very sad to learn just Andy left now.

Jacquie Hinves… Sad news.

Martin Curcher… Are you ready Steve? Aha. Ohhh, I see a man at the back, as a matter of fact and his eyes was as red as the sun and the girl in the corner let no one ignore her because she thinks she’s the passionate one… RIP Steve

Peter Houghton… RIP Steve

Jim Quinn Mcg… Legend

Sandra Thompsett… R I P

Andy Caine… That’s Sad! I saw them at Aquarius. R.I.P.

Jane Hartley… so did I.

John Coleman… RIP Steve, loved the Sweet

Jan Warren… Thats sad news, loved Sweet, R.I.P. Steve

Kev Towner… I was a MASSIVE Sweet fan, and indeed Steve was my favourite. RIP

Ben Gallop… R.i.p.very sad

Dennis Torrance… RIP Steve Priest

Willie Wicking… Then there was 1 R.I.P Steve remember the gig at Aquarius later (Saturdays)

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw them last December at the De La Warr

Alan Pepper… So sad to hear that another Glam rock founder has passed . They made some great records . Played at the Aquarius and were very loud if my ears remember !

Bill Third… Absolutely, he was a gas

Blog: Before glam: the debut 60s singles of Bowie, Bolan, Slade, Mud and Sweet by Darren Johnson

When glam rock burst into the UK pop charts in the early 1970s the genre may have appeared all shiny and new and suitably outrageous but many of its lead players had been trying to make their all-important breakthrough in the previous decade. Five of the acts we look at here all released their debut singles in the mid to late 60s.

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The Sweet – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – 21st December 2019

Following their sold-out “Still Got the Rock” European Tour legendary 70’s rock band SWEET embark upon the perfect Christmas gift for their UK fans, a 16-date nationwide tour.

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Lance Collins… Saw them in Minehead January Really good live

Will Cornell… I imagine many people with my name caught flak for the song in the ’70s like I did. I did not like being called “Little Willie” by the hot girls on the college tennis team. Nosireebob.

Pete Fisher… here seem to be two Sweet bands around, this one with Andy Scott, and another with Steve Priest, who has to play sitting down. I think I’d rather remember them like this…

Ian Mcgilvray… I’ve seen this Band in Australia and They were brilliant. Wish I could be back in My hometown to see them in December.

Stuart Moir… Christ we played with them years ago, looking very aged now but I’m sure the music is better than ever

Colin Gibson… Lord help us

Robert Searle… Saw the original Sweet at the Aquarius and they were fantastic. Saw Andy Scott’s Sweet at the Congress a few years ago,they looked good and sound good, even though Andy was having trouble with his voice, he still got those high notes, a real trouper.

Paul Huggett… New singer, Paul Manzi from Cats in Space – great voice. Bit of a loss for the Cats though….

Lance Collins… saw cats in space at same venue. They were mega !!!!

Paul Huggett… Only fairly recently (last year or so) picked up them Lance, thanks to Radio Caroline playing Clown In My Nightmare a lot

Merv Kennard… also saw them at the Aquarius, if I recall it was a new years eve. have just booked ticket for the dlwp.