What’s your favourite song/theme from a film

Solider Blue Buffy St Marie , Theme from Shaft Issac Hayes or Bett Midler The Rose.

Leigh Wieland Boys……One of my favourites too – Good taste! A bit ‘girly’ I know, but probably my all time favourite is Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches. That’ll Be the Day, Stardust, Saturday Night Fever & Grease all 1970s iconic films with great soundtracks

Pete Fairless.…Theme from a summer place – Percy Faith & People Are Strange Echo & The Bunnymen from Lost Boys.

Matt Thomas…..The Percy Faith one above reminds me of sunday mornings and my parents cooking a roast

Andre Martin….Excellent choices from that special era – keep them coming !!

Gary Kinch……’m a bit of a sucker for musicals, the first film I went to on my own was Oliver, loved it. I have watched most of the Fred and Ginger films and this is a cracker IMO. Probably a bit sugary for some but it has some personal memories for me. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers You Can’t Take That Away.  My first thought was anything from Quadrophenia but perhaps that doesn’t qualify because it was a film about the songs rather a song about a film. I didn’t think much of the film either, fantastic tracks though.My second thought was Blade Runner, the Vangelis soundtrack fits the film beautifully. I wouldn’t sit down and listen to the music on it’s own though, it might seem a bit boring.Third thought would be anything from Pulp Fiction. (not 1970’s though) It was a fairly eclectic mix of tracks, some of them not my cup of tea at all. The Film however gave every track an element of “coolness” that some tracks otherwise didn’t deserve. The Statler Brothers Flower On The Wall.

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