Thin Lizzy another NO SHOW – Hastings Pier 21st June 1975

I think they were booked 3 times for Hastings Pier but all were cancelled.

Alan Esdaile… Replaced by Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance

Steve Amos… That’s a pretty good replacement!

Peter Thomson… I’ve always wondered why they cancelled the one I was aware of but three times? Wow. First time I saw them was at Reading in ‘75; a daytime slot as I recall. Despite the disdain of some, I saw them several times after that and I always remember a consistently sharp performance. They remain one of my favourite live acts.

Pete Houghton… Also a Band called OZO failed to turn up to the Pier

David Edwards… Better of with Ronnie Lane I’d of thought

Kevin Sherwood… 1973 didn’t show for the Vagabonds of the Western World tour not that I’m still bitter.

Thin Lizzy – Hastings Pier 15th December 1973 but NO SHOW.

thin-lizzy-1973 thin_lizzy_-_toppop_1974_1

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. Photo: Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974  AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974 . Brian Downey, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore.

Sarah Harvey….An interesting spelling of Thin Lizzy from the Observer of December 15th, 1973. By this time Phil Lynott’s line-up would have only released three albums and they probably would have played most of the tracks from them on the Pier. Thin Lizzy (1971), Shades of a Blue Orphanage (1972), Vagabonds of the Western World (1973).

Trish N Kevin Sherwood…..Sad to say they did not turn up.

John Storer….Am convinced that Thin Lizzy actually failed to turn up twice at the Pier. They were also due to play on 21st June 1975 but pretty sure they never showed up then. Think the second time their equipment truck had broken down. I certainly remember having tickets to see them twice but they remained a band I never got to see live. They were a band that seemed to tour non-stop, playing gigs every month in 1973. Interestingly, all the fan sites have them playing a pub in Leytonstone on 15th December 1973

Gary Kinch……I vaguely remember at least 1 no show on the pier. I say vaguely because the 70’s were a bit of a blur. I did see them twice at Reading Festival, once in 74 and again in 75.

Pete Fisher…..don’t remember seeing Lizzy in ’75……finally got to see them at Ipswich Gaumont in ’84 (?) shortly before Phil Lynott left the building

Peter Nielsen from  … The gig on 15th December 1973 was cancelled because Brian Downey was taken ill. The gig at Leytonstone on 14th December was also cancelled. New info to me about the cancelled gig on 21st June 1975. Got it listed but never knew it was cancelled.

Mike Mitchell… I don’t remember Thin Lizzie on the pier but I do remember the Model Railway exhibition. A Swiss mountainside with all those little trains buzzing in and out of tunnels. Very impressive ton an 11 year old.

Diane Knight… My dad did that , it was a scaled version of the Gothard line. It started life in our front room , you had to duck under the railway to get to the settee !!!! happy days !!

Mick O’Dowd… The Boys Were Never Back In Town so to speak!

Richard Brown… Still a great band.

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them in 1980 at Brighton. Snowy White on guitar.

Chris van Rock… I think Downey was in a bad way then … heavy drinking band

Ernest Ballard… Lizzy

Peter Thomson… Seen this before but couldn’t remember why I’d never been to a Lizzy gig in Hastings. Consistently one of the finest live acts I ever experienced, despite off-stage over-indulgences.

Dave Nattress… My God rest you Phil Lynott – such a long time, such a waste.