Stallion – Melody Maker win, Roundhouse ticket 27th June 1976 and review.

stallion 1976


ticket supplied by Iain Cobby      cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Andy Qunta… Still awesome! Brilliant achievement by Stallion! Well done, lads! Still proud of our fellow Hastings muso friends!

John Wilde… Stallion on the Pier 2016? Count me in.

Andy Qunta… I’ll volunteer Factory for some of that too!

John Wilde… That would be a good night Andy.

Phil Gill… Bloody hippies….

Phil Thornton… specially the one with the scarf !

Pete Fisher… 40 years ago…blimey!! The band I was in (who rejoiced in the name of Roger The Cat!) won the semi-final at the Marquee the following year in 1977, but failed to win the final…we were basically a pub cover band doing the London circuit…track at my SoundCloud page…

Wishbone Ash plus Supercharge chat – New England Tour Programme & Brighton ticket 1976

Wishbone Ash prog001Wishbone Ash prog002

Wishbone Ash prog003 Wishbone Ash prog004

supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Eric Cawthraw… Supercharge were a very good support band – great sax playing and damn amusing too. They looked like they were having fun and didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously!

Mick O’Dowd… That’s the Supercharge LP (Local Lads etc) i’ve been trying to locate for years after losing it at some point. Contains legendary, and totally different track from all the rest, “She Moved The Dishes First” Anybody supply a copy.

Yvonne Cleland…. I went to this gig

Dave Nattress… Damaris once supported Supercharge on the Pier. They certainly knew what they were at and they had a seriously impressive stage set-up. The sax player was Albie Donelly. I think they’re still playing -did look them up quite recently.

Sarah Harvey… I  actually went to that gig at The Dome and seem to remember enjoying Supercharge…I also remember Wishbone Ash being punishingly loud!

Phil Gill… Here you go Alan. We saw them play this at Reading in 1976 and never forgot the line about the Weetabix bowl…

Alan Esdaile… I remember it now Phil, very funny. Pretty sure we booked Supercharge into Eastbourne Collage at one stage?

David Miller… Digging Supercharge here for the first time – good and funny stuff. Bands that come to mind are Alberto y los trios paranoias, Dread Zeppelin. Zappa and Derek & Clive.

Sarah Harvey… Supercharge were really comical on the stage….had no idea what to expect when they were billed as the support act but they did some really funny take-offs of other bands of the era.

supercharge promo 2A-286541-1267135548.jpeg

Eric Cawthraw…Yes, Wishbone Ash were very loud that evening. They have of course played Hastings several times since then. The gig on our Pier was a bit different – as there were tables and chairs in the ball-room. The age group was by then quite a bit older –so they must have thought we needed to sit down to sup our sherry and Sanatogen. Probably just as well they were loud – so we could hear them through our deaf aids. Going back to Supercharge, what I do remember that evening was one particular number that was a slow blues and it just got slower and slower until the entire band [except the drummer] were playing their respective instruments completely horizontal on the stage floor. The song only finished when the drummer fell off his kit! I should image they pulled that stunt at many a venue – and very amusing it was too. Sorry guys – I haven’t got the album though, but you think it might be found on the net somewhere – happy hunting!

Mick O’Dowd… They were , as you say, unusual but very talented and led by Albie Donnelly. I think they only did the one album and all the tracks had a blue-eyed soul feel except “Dishes!!” They did play this on Radio Caroline and this is where I picked up on them.

Sarah Harvey… That is really strange because that is the number that really sticks out in my mind….the slow blues became asleep blues….absolutely hilarious. They just had a way of making rock very comical and I haven’t seen anyone anywhere near as good since.:-)