Hastings Pier toll booth. 1990’s

shared from: Urban Explorers UK https://www.facebook.com/UrbanExplorersUK2017

Martin Waghorne… Remember it well !

John Mcewen… All day fishing for 26p. Spent most of my time on there.

Graham Sherrington… hot pies and Bovril in the cafe!! whilst fishing.

Mick O’Dowd… Spent many hours in the booth collecting money for gig tickets!

Colin Bell… This photo makes me feel very nostalgic.

Tracy Birrell… This brings back nice memories.

Pauline Richards… 6d toll

Iain Cobby… To the right of the toll house just out of shot was the entrance of the Pier Bingo of which my mother and father (still kicking in his 98th year) worked for many years. I used to walk down from Priory Road School to get a lift home from one of them. Later on when waiting for a gig to kick off , I would watch the bands walk on. Imagine seeing bands like The Who or fledgling Genesis ( complete with Afghan coats) wander freely up or even back to the ballroom.

Tracy Birrell… Ian, Great times.