Tommy Cooper – Kings Country Club Eastbourne 1967

photo: Argus Archives – shared David McLean

Kevin Hilton… That really looks like a soup in a basket audience. They do seem to be enjoying the show, though.

John Warner… Met Tommy back in the 60’s when I was entertainment manager in Mr. Smith’s club in Manchester!

Paul Coleman… I’m sure I saw Tommy at a later date at Kings. I remember my dad telling me he met him in a bar in Eastbourne. Dad bought him a drink but he wouldn’t return the favour cos he’d had the pleasure of his company! Think he was in Eastbourne a few times as I believe a relative ran the magic shop in the town.

Alan Esdaile… Coopers Magic Shop in Eastbourne, I think it was run by his brother and yes he did appear at Kings in the 70’s, Paul.

Iain Cobby… Tommy to builder ” I want a skip outside the front of my house” ………..Builder to Tommy “Go on then!”

Dave Weeks… I saw him there in the late 70’s

Tim Moose Bruce… Story of him attending a dinner at the Winter Gardens. He sent his wife on ahead as he was running late. When he arrived, he wasn’t wearing any trousers. Walked up to his wife and asked her where they were.

Claire Triance… Went there a couple times 77


Kings Eastbourne – September/October 1977

Janine Anne Scott… I was there in 76-79 in Meridian.

Lyn Whiteman… I was lucky enough to see all of these! Did waitressing and Kings allowed partners in to see shows- fab days!

Dave Weeks… I remember seeing Tommy Cooper there. Legend.

Steve Vollrath…Glass bottle, Bottle glass

Dave Weeks… jar spoon, spoon jar

Steve Vollrath… Dave, Just like that.

Dave Weeks… or was is like that?

Steve Vollrath… Been in the loft all weekend, sweating, filthy dirty & covered in cobwebs, But the kids love her.
Julie Finch… Great place
Robert Searle… I saw the Three Degrees with Clodagh Rogers supporting at Kings Country Club.The place was packed.
Pacman… King’s Country Club, Eastbourne, was a fantastic venue where many of the top performers could be seen. Solo artists, bands, comedians & many other types of entertainers all performed there. I was lucky enough to have my mum & wife at the time, both working there almost every week. I had free entry to so many shows I lost count. It was a wonderful time in my life and the “Showplace of the South is sadly missed. Top entertainment & great dining & dancing all in one place. Couldn’t be beaten. It was well placed for some people too as “Sundowners” disco was right opposite. (Now a car sales place). Ray King opened “Kings” in Eastbourne Town after he sold the country club.