Dakka Dakka Dakka featuring Andy Gunton on drums – Dreamworld single 1986.


Andy Gunton…Today we bring you the freshly digitised version of ‘Dreamworld’, the A Side of the single released in mid 1986. The B Side ‘Leather Jeans’ will be coming in due course.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Tonbridge local press cutting from 1985.


supplied by Andy Gunton… Rehearsal photo from c1982. Taken in the oast house that we used to rehearse in. It was also used at that time by The Anti Nowhere League. Boy, did that place get cold in the winter!

Peter Russell…. Hey. Just stumbled across this. I was looking for some pics of my best friend who was your bassist for a short while and died in a bike crash. Mark Brown. He left a group Tuesday Town to join you.

Andy Gunton… We never has a bass player called Mark Brown. The bass player throughout the history of the band was called Keith Edwards. We did try out several singers before finally getting Phil Alamo. who is in this video & who sadly died a few years ago. I’m sure I remember the name Tuesday Town though 🙂

Peter Russell… Hmmm strange. I saw Mark playing with Dakka at the rock garden I think it was? Maybe dingwalls. Phil went to marks funeral on that old moto guzzi he used to ride. I’ll dig out some pics if you like. I used to do all the promo stuff and handouts for Tuesday town.

Dakka Dakka Dakka – featuring Andy Gunton.


supplied by Andy Gunton

Here’s Andy Gunton when he played drums and lived in Tonbridge.

John Alexander Wilde….Nice one Andy.

Terry Pack….The strange world of the band photo. Right lads, I’ve found a great location round the back of Sainsbury’s/In a disused warehouse/halfway up a cliff, etc. So, wear something that you feel represents the ‘spirit’ of the group, now a bit more hair gel/leather/denim/make up/ attitude, etc. Perfect! Oh, no. Could you insert a guitar/synth/cymbal, please? Now; smile! OK, then, glower. Alright, stare blankly, then. What do you mean, you’re getting cold?


supplied by Andy Gunton Dakka Dakka Dakka Facebook site

Andy Gunton… A press photo from the days when Dakka Dakka Dakka were still a trio. April 1983 (?)

Paul Couldridge… that takes me back.

Andy Gunton… It takes me back too.

Glynn Williams… Takes me back too… and then some: I played with Andy, John, Keith and Dave in their previous incarnation, “Mandrake Root” (well, more like puffed furiously into a tenor sax whilst wiggling my fingers about). What an absolute blast to find Andy’s video clips online; I guess I ought to go look for these guys and say hello.

Chris Baker… Isn’t that a very young Del Boy top-right? 😉

Sarah Harvey… Andy looks quite good looking there…. what happened Andy? 😉

Andy Gunton… Oi! 😉

Mark Randall… Andy – still cool, John – a nodded ‘I think I know you, but not sure why’ back in 2002, Keef – gawd knows but hope he still wears fluorescent socks

Amethyst – Whitefriars Press Club – Tonbridge 1974


supplied by Barry French

Barry French, Jenny Kebel and out of shot Will Powell & Paul Huggett.

Neil Cartwright… Ah … the good old ‘Hammer Fist’ !!! 😉

Peter Millington… Great Pic – Remember seeing them in the Old town around 1974

Barry French… Just to explain Neil’s “Hammer Fist” comment. Amethyst were in the main, a middle of the road club band. We had an Agent who got us a Pub gig, which if memory serves me correct was on the outskirts of Maidstone. The agent assured us that “Amethyst was just the band the venue were looking for”. When we arrived at the pub we were amazed at the many motor bikes that were parked outside. On entering the pub  (dressed in our mauve frilly shirts & flares) we were greeted with a pub full of bikers, with Paranoid (or something very similar) being played on the jukebox. Thinking this can’t be the right venue we went in search of the Land Lord. We found him in the back bar, behind him pinned on the wall was a massive poster. Illustrated on the poster was a huge clenched fist surrounded by lightning bolts. Written on it were the words that sent a chill down the spine,” HAMMER FIST” here tonight 8pm to 11pm. Well to cut a long story short,we did the gig, the Bikers (As bikers always are) were polite & friendly & i’m sure some were singing along to Jambalaya during our Carpenters medley. A gig well survived, but none of us had the nerve to ask for another booking.

Neil Cartwright…  ‘Come-a Come-a down, dooby-do down down’ =D

Peter Millington… The memory is back – I saw Amethist at the Kings Head in the Bourne – A Pub Gig but no Bikers, Phew! I hear you say Barry.

Mandrake featuring Andy Gunton – 1975


supplied by Andy Gunton Dakka Dakka Dakka Facebook site

Andy Gunton… One & only gig by Mandrake, a forerunner of Dakka Dakka Dakka, at a fete in Golden Green, Kent on Sat, 5th June 1975. L to R: Simon Flack, Andy Gunton, John McCue, Martin Fredericks & Gary Bunt.

Mick O’Dowd… You weren’t related to Mandrake Paddlesteamer were you?