Radio Caroline Tony Blackburn photos and ? supplied by Mo Elms

Tony Court-holmes… I liked Radio London

Albert Pitman… and me

Mike Waghorne… I remember the Caroline ship sailing passed Bexhill prom on it’s way to the Isle of Mann back in the 60’s

Jeannette Wilde… He came to the ‘Happening’ to open it in Kings Road. What a great night it was!

John Wilde… Jeannette, that night was wonderful, he gave me a great contact for new release singles, I got free 45s for months.

Mike Waghorne… Jeanette, I vaguely remember that little club ! must have been around 1967/68, ?

Merv Kennard… Bottom row right hand side is Rosko. Photo is in the book independent radio by Mike Baron

Nigel Ford… & Robbie Day + Emperor Rosko?

Sharon Carter… I loved radio Caroline.


The Happening Coffee Bar – Tony Blackburn St Leonards On Sea 17th July 1967

 Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

and John Wilde had this to say –

moved to St Leonards in 1966 with my parents. They bought number 8 Kings Rd and turned it into a coffee bar club, we made the basement look like a cave. We called it The Happening, Tony Blackburn opened it with a disco night. It was a popular hang out for a soul crowd, we had a great jukebox, an espresso machine and pintables. We even had bands play downstairs. Does anyone remember this place? Apparently it has reopened recently as The Kave Klub. by John Wilde

Gerry Fortsch… I gigged here in 1967 several times. Far out man

Mick O’Dowd… DJ’d here many a time. Also was with Deep Purple (Hastings) when they appeared. John Wilde’s dad owned it.

Jeff Belton… Met Tony Blackburn at a gig he did in a London night club, got a request read out on the evening , and played on the radio, when he was on Radio London. It was my 21st birthday that day.

Tiffany Barton… Wonderful! What did he play for your birthday ? Thanks for the memories . 1967 supremes the happening ?

Pacman… Yes I loved “The Happening”. Went there all the time. John Wilde was a really nice guy. Very patient with some of the rowdier kids. My motorbike was very popular with the girls & was always being asked for a pillion ride. Remember the girls well. It all ended for me when I got a car & started going farther afield. Shame.

Michael Brugnoi… Brilliant place, was there every week.

Lloyd Johnson… It must have been a nice little scene what with Cyril Savages in the street as well…

Gerry Fortsch… We played a few coffee bars in the 60’s this was one of the better ones, looking back I can’t remember what I did for alcohol but I did smoke in those days man.

Helen Evans… I loved the Happening! Friends, music, laughter.

Jeanette Wilde… I’m extremely proud to have been part of it

The Club Happening – Membership Card – 1967

The Club Happening – 8 Kings Road St Leonards, owed by John Wilde’s parents and opened in 1966 by Tony Blackburn. Here’s the membership card 1967 from Mick O’Dowd

Membership Cards copy 2

John Alexander Wilde….”Phew thats a holy relic!”

Mick O’Dowd….Thanx Jon. Those were wild times. Hope to see you soon. By the way can I have my 5 bob back now please?

Sounds of the 60s Live – hosted by Tony Blackburn – White Rock Theatre 30th March 2019

An evening hosted by Radio 2’s legendary DJ, Tony Blackburn of 60s classics performed live by the Sounds Of The 60s All Star Band & Singers.

for more details…

Jim Breeds… Not my cup of tea, but others might be interested in this …

Tiffany Barton… This will be great as Tony Blackburn can’t resist this Supreme music of 60s x

Ernest Ballard… Tickets on sale Thursday x

Martin Richter… sounds like a good night

50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act

Jake Nelson… I certainly remember that, listening to the Pirates on my little tranny, outraged that they were trying to ration my pop-music! And of course the war was eventually won, because it forced the establishment to allow us unlimited devil-music!