Fracmo (Fractional H.P. Motors)reunion 1990’s

supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

with Tony Howard and Mick Thwaites. Anyone name anyone else?

Matt Thomas… is that Rob 3rd from left?

Heidi Roffe… yes

Pete Prescott…I worked in the buying department there for about six weeks in early 1978. I absolutely hated it. I should have worked on the shop floor.

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked there very briefly in the 70s I made friends with a lovely woman called Pauline.

Matt Thomas… Rob Goatley 3rd from left in denim, sadly passed away a few years ago

John Gale… My brother in law Stuart Gray middle, doing the v sign. I worked there ( Castleham factory )for 6 weeks in the summer of 77 as my Dad worked there too . Worked with Diego in the Fettling Room. Was there the day Elvis died.  6 weeks that seemed to go on forever but met some nice people. Id rather of stayed than to go back to 6th form that’s for sure .

Liz King… Worked there around 74/75

Mick Thwaites… Charlie Burgess, Barry Garard, Rob Goatley, Stuart Gray, forgot next ones name, me Mick Thwaites and I think Tony Howard

Mick Thwaites… Hi Angela, you’re right about a lovely woman called Pauline. Can only remember one Pauline and she was and still is lovely. We were married in 1988, but together a long time before that and still together now.

Val Matthews… my name Val and my brother, Edward-Ted-Hall worked the machines at Fracmo with Bruce Cameron, circa 1980s. I’m piecing together his life and having found your post about your Reunion, I wondered if Ted might be remembered by anyone. He was unmistakable as he had a curved back, his neck was bending his chin into his chest. He was also an irony, independent person and would mention little “fixes” to run a job more quickly. Ted finally gave up his battle with death on Feb 2nd. He was 72 and had defied predictions for over 60 years. Thank you for reading this and if there is a memory I could have, I would be so happy to include it. With kind regards.

Dennis Torrance… I worked with Charlie burgess Tony Howard at Collins and Hayes also Charlie Burgess was football player for saints Fc late 60s 70 and managed saints Fc he asked me then to play in his team .

Nicola Dobson… I worked Telephonist/Receptionist around 71 to 73..the days of Telex and dolls eye switchboard.I remember a girl surname Hitchman and a chap in the buying dept used to pick me up in Elphinstone road each day to take me to work. I remember the open staircase where they used to stand and watch as you went up the stairs with a mini skirt on.

Julie Findlay-jones… My dad worked there til he retired in 1998 I think it was .

Fred Booth… I remember Ted Hall, I was manager of the machine shop and worked on the auto’s. He was a lovely man, who worked harder than most , and got frustrated when others around him didn’t work as hard. His disability didn’t stop him, I remember him with respect.

Julie Findlay-jones… Does anyone from Fracmo remember my dad Terry Hooper.?

Elfed Williams… Hi Fred worked with you and Peter back in 2001 in St Leonards on sea, was on cncs emco,
Hope you are well

Ian Janman… My mum, Margaret Postill worked there for a long time in the test department..

Christine Swain… Oh great days Happy memories .Know or knew them all .

Les Mitchell… I worked at the Ridge and Castleham, did 10 years and left in 1984, Barry Garrad is my brother in law.

Lisa Jane… My dad worked there for many years (mid 1960s until late 80s I think). He met my mum there in the 60s. I remember going to their family Christmas parties in the early 70s

Diane Leigh… Worked there 1975 at the ridge, then was going to leave but got asked to stay and I could work up at the factory at Castleham, remember Colin Jarvis.

Sylvia Demeza… my husband worked there but cant remember dates

Rena Beech… My husband worked there also.

Carol Acott… Did Bruce Cameron live in Vicarage Road years ago?

Tim Rose… Started my apprenticeship there in 1989 and was sadly made redundant in 1999, loved working there, great team and some great memories 😁. Mick hasn’t changed 😂 l worked with Rob in inspection towards the end of my time there

Who remembers the BMW 300 Isetta asks Tony Howard?

photos supplied by Tony Howard

John Gale… Spotted this parked up in Hastings week

Alan Esdaile… Reminds me when we used to travel in Paul Wiseman’s bubble car. 3 of us in the car, group gear and microphones sticking out the roof!

Andy Clarke… A friend of my dads up Priory Avenue had one when I was a kid. Loved it.

Willie Wicking… Have a windscreen for one of those 😊my dad used to own 1

Merv Kennard… They had the escape hatch in the roof. Just in case the door jammed.

Jon McCallion… Owned one myself in the late 60s. Great little car.

Dave Nattress… Certainly remember them and I seem to think they were not so uncommon that you stared at them or thought them so unusual.

Iain Cobby… Remember Jon McCallion having one! I have a slide of it somewhere outside my parents house in St Leonards

Tracy Birrell… I remember this car.

Roger Simmonds… Me I had one !

Pete Prescott… I remember our neighbour had one. I would love to drive one.


Aquarius Club, George Street, Hastings circa 1973 – Tony Howard photos.

All photos © Tony Howard

Peter Fairless… Wow, a proper venue! Never seen it like that before.

Anne Murray… What was the nightclub that burnt down called?

Lucy Pappas… Anne, Are you thinking of the Hi Fi?

Anne Murray… Yes that could be it. I remember being outside and my friends brother was one of the fire crew!

Jacquie Hinves… Happy days spent there.

Lucy Pappas… Wow! I don’t remember it being like that!

Martyn Baker… It was the first club that I had ever heard proper seamless DJ mixing between dance tracks. I was 16 at the time, and it totally knocked me out!

Glenn Piper… I only went in once, and that was to work on a Budgie gig

Stuart Moir… Played that stage many times, lovely memories of my band mates above

Judy Atkinson… Used to go Thursday nights – Steve Maxted on his trapeze!

Reg Wood… Judy, Me too. Great memories.

Tony Davis… Had some fun nights there either djing or drinking

Kathy Harding… I met my husband there in 1972

Vivienne Gibbs… My father worked on the doors back in the day

Ian Watling… Fond memories, great place, thanks for posting

Mick O’Dowd… Saw some class acts here including Centre Page!

Clare Bennett… It wasn’t my sort of place don’t think

Christine Giles… Saw The Sweet there and Lindisfarne

Mark Randall… Would this be where I saw Haircut 100? Was it at some point called ‘Thursdays’ or some such ?

Merv Kennard… Worked with Tony from early 70s. Haven’t seen him for a few years. Hoping to be at next meeting with another newbie.

Robert Searle… Sweet were top notch, fantastic vocals and great backing, a harmony rock band.

Christine Giles… Robert, they were I was surprised