Free Spirit – 60’s night Hyatt Regency, La Manga, Spain 2000


supplied by Roger Carey

Val Kelly lead singer, Guilio Risi keyboards, Carley Broom lead & backing vocals, Tony Qunta guitar & vocals, Roger Carey bass & vocals, Dominic Pizzinat drums.

Joe Knight….NICE PHOTO

Yvonne Cleland…. I remember Rog and Tony telling me about when they worked in Spain. So this is it! Cool!


A great picture of Factory from Andy Qunta’s website



I asked Andy where the name ‘Factory’ came from and got this reply :

Well I was working in a factory around that time, it was on an industrial estate. (Tich Turner was working for another company on the same estate, which was where I first met him). I don’t know if that’s why we called it Factory, but maybe. We thought of it as a band that made music, therefore – Factory. The first name we had was Jack Plugg, which we thought was hiliarious for a couple of weeks, and then the joke wore off! A friend of mine at Hastings College, called Dave Gurney, suggested we call ourselves Cherubim, Seraphim, Angel & Tone! Umm, thanks, Dave!                          Andy Qunta

Drummer – Lol Cooksey