Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – Hastings Pier 24th June 1966


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Andre Martin….Plus – Support acts Tony & The Defiant from Eastbourne and Earl Richmond from Radio London ” Big L 266 Mts ”

Bob Cockburn….I’m sorry to own up but I used to like Tony Rivers !!

Andre Martin….Bob you have nothing to apologise about – he was and still is a great vocalist, with a track record that puts a lot of the so called “star” to shame. Saw him at the Witch Doctor several times, and with other bands that he created. Did you know that he appeared on Band Aid London show, as one of the backing vocalists. He is highly respected within the industry. Tried to get him as an interview on my Carnival FM show during the Hastings Carnival, but was prevented by technical problems. he was very keen to be interviewed.

Peter Millington…He was asked by Bruce Welch (Shadows) to arrange the vocals for a couple of songs for Cliff Richard in 1975. He became the driving force for Cliff’s backing vocals for 10 years and toured the world with him. All you have to do is listen to “Miss You Nights” to hear the genius of the man. His discography is truly stunning.

Jan Warren… Shouldn’t that be “Unit Four PLUS Two”?

unit 4 plus 2

Eric Harmer… Were the blues flames before the fire? Alway looking for the cause.

Gavin Martin… Worthing Town Hall with The Manfreds in autumn

Andre Martin… OMG This brings back memories from 52 years ago this week.

Melody Maker review cutting thanks to Mick Bolton for finding.

Hastings Pier – Tommy Quickly, Remo Four, Pagans and more happenings – Saturday 27th Feb 1965 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection 

Andre Martin… Things are changing, here we are at Saturday 27th February 1965, and the Ballroom – The Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier, has gone “POP” – this week’s entertainment would be topped by TOMMY QUICKLY, with the Remo Four and supporting The Pagans. As the press has reported Tommy has just completed a Christmas Show in Liverpool with Gerry Marsden and currently taking part in the Nationwide Tour with P J Proby. So this will be different from the dances of recent weeks.
The Friday Night had started well, with ITV Ready Steady Go – this week —The Rolling Stones – “The Last Time,” “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”/”Pain In My Heart,” “Play With Fire” and “I’m Moving On” –The Who – “I Can’t Explain” Additional guests–The Dave Clark Five – “Reelin’ & Rockin'”
–The Animals – “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood. With Cathy and Keith, in control, proved to be an excellent 30 minutes.
Incidentally anybody who stayed home that evening would have had the chance to see “The Likely Lads” – Bob and Terry getting up to their usual mischief and supping a few pints at the Fat Ox!
Back to the Music, The Witch Doctor this week, had an excellent selection of entertainments – Saturday it was the double bill The Sunspots and The Gunshots. Sunday Club, saw the return of the Mark Four and Friday – Dave Curtis and The Tremors. Spinning the records during the rest of the week were Trevor Olive and Ginger Powell.
BBC Radio was actually putting out a lot of pop music at the time, Saturday – The Light Programme 10.00am Saturday Club featured – Roy Orbison, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, Nashville Teens, Bill J Kramer & Dakotas, Fortunes, Donovan and the Three Quarters – linking all the act together was Brian Matthews. 2.00pm we had Saturday Swings –this week featuring – Julie Grant, Polka Dots, Pat O’Brian, Margo & The Marvettes, Jerry Allen Trio and The Northern Dance Orchestra. 4.00pm Brian Matthews was back with Top Gear – The Hollies, Mark Wynter, Ivy League & Jackie Ross. In the evening not strictly “pop” 8.40pm Variety on Tour – this week from RAF Wyton – Beryl Read with The Settlers and Tommy Reilly. Later that night Pete Murray would be in the chair for “ Late Night Saturday” and this week the feature LP was “ Down Town” by Pet Clark.
Sunday – 10.30 it was time for Easy Beat, and on this show The Zombies, Val Donican, Tom Jones & Patsy Ann Noble, with Keith Fordyce spinning the new releases.
Television at this time, Saturday BBC 5.10pm Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs in the chair, and on the Panel: Jane Asher, Bill Crozier, Georgie Fame and Jean Metcalfe. On the other side at 5.50pm Thank Your Lucky Stars – Brian Matthews with The Searchers, Nashville Teens, Zombies, Tom Jones guest DJ – Simon Dee, selecting the new releases Janice Nicholls.
Monday Nights BBC TV highlights included Miss England Competition from the Lyceum Ballroom – Music Provided by Joe Loss and his Orchestra, compared by Michael Aspel with Sheila Tracey. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the re-introduction of POP acts to the Happy Ballroom, The Hastings Observer tells us that The Gordon Rider Dance Orchestra will be back the following week in the Happy Ballroom – but we will have to see. Well its March just round the Corner, and St David’s Day is the next National Celebration – to all my Welsh friends,” lechyd da! “ – I have a lot of happy memories working in Wales over the years, and I always knew I had arrived when crossing the Seven Bridge the greeting sign said – Crueso Cymru – Welcome to Wales – I knew that I would be at The Red Dragon Club RAF St Athans very shortly. Until next week – you all take care……………. Andre Palfrey-Martin© 2015

Andre Martin… The interesting thing about this tune is that it was actually recorded by an old friend of The Pier & Witch Doctor – Tony Rivers of Tony Rivers and the Castaways Fame. This is a classic clip of a great show. I think that original show – for those of us who can remember back that far !! is the better !

Mick O’Dowd… Sooperb stuff old bean! Wot happened to together dancing?