Favourite cover versions – post suggested by Terry Huggins & more John Martyn chat.

Terry Huggins… What are people’s favourite cover songs by unlikely artists. This is one of mine – Melanie and Purple Haze. Others include the Nightwish cover of Walking In The Air (the snowman song) and the Children of Bodom’s cover of Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again. Anyone remember Therion Summer Night City?

Jim Breeds… The Smoke Fairies – Largely unknown, sadly. They deserve more recognition. They’ve done a few covers – here’s one. If I Were A Carpenter Tim Hardin cover. My favourite cover of Oops! is Richard Thompson. I saw him do this live on the 1,000 years of popular music tour a few years back. Hang in there for a bit near the end played 16th c. style and John Martyn Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Alan Esdaile… Both Leonard Cohen covers… If It Be Your Will Anthony & The Johnsons, Song to The Siren This Mortal Coil and REM first we taken Manhattan.

Colin Bell… Rasputin by Finnish Metal band Turisas, barmy and bloody brilliant! and Yngie Malmsteen doing Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme..priceless!

Tony Davies… If it Be Your Will – Webb Sisters.

Phil Gill… The Beatles Complete on Ukulele.

Ian Ellis… UOGB – Anarchy in the UK.

Jim Breeds… To bring in a Hastings theme – a cover of John Martyn’s Over The Hill, written about him returning from gigs and tours to his home on the Old Town. Although it doesn’t say so on this YouTube post, the artist is one Ted Barnes (who he?). From the tribute album Johnny Boy Would Love This.

Chris Meachen…. Jim, don’t be taken in by the ‘official story’ sleeve notes regarding ‘Over the hill’. – It’s about walking via the footpath over the railway bridge & then up st. Mary’s terrace, from his Girlfriend’s in Hughenden Road back to his home.. At the time I was working with Ray Ballik in the pump house. He had the flat above, & we always popped in after finishing work, frequently finding John there… We were sworn to secrecy at the time….

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